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Policy Development and Review Process and Guiding Principles

All new policy drafts and revisions must comply with the University’s Policy Development Authority policy (University Policy 1000). The policy process is designed to support the University’s culture of shared governance, accountability, transparency, and effectiveness and is governed by the following guiding principles:

  1. University policies should align with and strengthen the University’s mission, vision, and values
  2. The University policy governance model creates clear ownership and accountability in the policy development and implementation process
  3. The policy governance model supports the University’s commitment to shared governance through a collaborative development and review process
  4. Policies, procedures, and related resources are in a consistent and accessible format and written as clearly as possible using plain language and with the intended audience in mind to facilitate ease of understanding 
  5. Policies are maintained in a user-friendly, organized, central repository to increase awareness and mitigate risk
  6. Policies, procedures, and related resources are kept current and compliant with relevant laws, rules, and other requirements

Policy Template and Cover Sheet

Download the University Policy Template (MS Word)
Download the University Policy Template (Google Doc)
Download the University Policy Cover Sheet (MS Word)
Download the University Policy Cover Sheet (Google Doc)

Policy Development and Revision Instructions

  1. Contact for an official copy of the policy you are revising. For a new policy, notify of your intent to draft. will notify you if the policy you are revising is under review by another area on campus. If that is the case, you will be asked to collaborate with that area to bring forward a single revision/draft.
  2. Begin completing a Policy Cover Sheet. This document will help you assess the need for a proposed new policy or policy revision and will provide important information to committees and stakeholders responsible for reviewing your policy. Please note the cover sheet should be updated throughout the policy development or revision process to reflect decisions made throughout the process.
  3. Make any proposed revisions using MS Word’s “track changes” function or “Suggesting” in Google Docs. For a new policy, draft the proposed policy using the University’s Policy Template. If needed, existing policies should be updated to reflect the current policy format. If you have questions about the policy format, content, or style, consult the policy writing guidance page or contact for assistance.
  4. Submit the completed policy cover sheet and final draft policy to the Policy Office. The Policy Office will review the draft for accuracy and determine if an adequate review has been completed. The Policy Office may suggest additional review by stakeholders or campus associations, edits, and/or revisions to the final draft policy before moving it forward for approval.
  5. Upon receiving final approval, new and revised policies will be posted on the Policy website.

For questions or additional information, contact the Policy Office at

Policy Review Instructions

All University policies and associated documents (e.g., procedures, FAQs, forms, and appendices) should be reviewed at least once every 4 years, or as otherwise required to stay current with applicable laws and/or Idaho State Board of Education policies.

  1. The responsible party, or designee, for the policy should initiate the review and contact for an official copy of the policy.
  2. Use the Policy Review Checklist to guide the review process. The responsible party should consult with the appropriate stakeholders and subject matter experts when conducting the review. Please note, an acceptable outcome of the review process can be that the policy remains unchanged.
  3. After conducting the policy review, if a revision to the policy is needed, follow the instructions for the policy development and revision process above. If the policy remains unchanged, requires only minor amendments (e.g., updating hyperlinks or department titles), or if the policy should be deleted, submit a completed Policy Cover Sheet to the Policy Office at Policies needing deletion will be submitted through the University’s policy approval process. Policies that remain unchanged will have the policy review date added to the policy. Minor policy amendments will be posted to the policy by the Policy Office.