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Policy Development Process

All new policy proposals or amendments to existing policies must comply with the University’s Policy Development Authority policy.

Policy Template

Download the University Policy Template (MS Word)


  1. Contact for an official copy of the policy you are seeking to amend. Or, in the case of a new policy, notify of your intent to draft. will notify you if the policy you seek to amend or draft is already under review by another area on campus. If that is the case, you will be asked to collaborate with that area to bring forward a single revision/draft.
  2. Review and complete a Policy Cover Sheet. This document is intended to help you assess the need for a proposed policy or revision and will provide important information to committees and individuals responsible for reviewing and approving your proposal.
  3. Once you have completed the policy cover sheet, using MS Word’s “track changes” function, make proposed revisions to the official copy of the existing policy, or in the case of a new policy, draft the proposed policy using the University’s Policy Template (see above). Existing policies must be revised to reflect the current format before submission. If you have questions about policy format, content or style, consult the policy writing guidance page or contact for assistance.
  4. Submit the policy cover sheet and final draft form of the policy to the Policy Office. The Policy Office will determine whether adequate review has been completed, if the proposal is in the proper format, and in the case of amended policies, whether the amendment is so minor that it need not receive final consideration from the Policy Group. All other proposals/amendments will be forwarded to the Policy Group and the President for final review and approval.
  5. Upon final approval, new or amended policies will be posted on the Policy website.

For questions or additional information, contact the Policy Office at