Policy Updates

Approved Policy Revisions

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (1060) – Revised 07/2019. Revised adding language under Section 4.4.18 requiring notification to grant funding agencies if a Principal Investigator is found to be in violation of the policy in accordance with grant requirements.

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking (1065) – Revised 07/2019. Revised adding language under Section 4.4.19 requiring notification to grant funding agencies if a Principal Investigator is found to be in violation of the policy in accordance with grant requirement; revised policy statement and definitions for Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Stalking to clarify Sexual Misconduct and Stalking are forms of Sexual Harassment.

Death of a Student or Employee (2270)Revised 07/2019. Revised expanding responsibilities and guidelines to cover both student and employee deaths ensuring an orderly, effective, and caring response.

Last Week of Classes and Final Examinations for Undergraduate Courses (3080)Revised 07/2019. Revised adding definitions for Ending Time, Exam Free Week, and Final Exam Schedule; updated language clarifying no in-class exams may be taken during the Exam Free Week but take-home final exams may be distributed but can be due no earlier than the Ending Time (end of the scheduled final exam period as published on the Office of the Registrar website).

Official Student Absence Policy (3120) – Revised 07/2019. Revised allowing the observance of religious holidays to be considered official, University-recognized activities not counted as official absences against any absence limits set in course policy.

Annual Faculty Evaluation (4290) – Revised 07/2019. Revised language in Sections 4.2 through 4.4 allowing for the use of an electronic evaluation system to support the implementation of Faculty180.

Background Verifications (7005) – Revised 07/2019. Revised adding the requirement for a Financial History Check for Final Candidates whose position meets the criteria under Section 4.1.2; revised language under Section 4.2 requiring a background check at the time of initial hire, promotion (other than advances in academic rank), demotion, lateral transfer, affiliation, and volunteer service not to exceed five (5) years thereafter for positions deemed “sensitive” by the University as outlined in Appendix A; revised language under Section 4.4 providing clarity around considerations and procedures for non-automatic qualifying criminal convictions; removed section on “Subsequent Notification” from previous policy version (language added to the new University Policy 7520 – Self-Disclosure of Criminal Proceedings).

Faculty Leave for Birth/Adoption and Workload Release Plan (7265) – Revised 07/2019. Revised language in Section 4.6 making the one-year extension of the tenure clock automatic for non-tenured tenure-track faculty utilizing Administrative Leave under the policy.

Capital Project Needs (9170) – Revised 07/2019. Revised the timeline for reviewing Capital Project Need Requests (CPNR) from three times annually to once annually aligned with the budget process; revised the definition for Capital Project; revised language allowing for a more comprehensive governance/oversight structure for prioritizing projects; and added language creating a project prioritization raking system.

Public Safety Camera Systems (12140) – Revised 07/2019. Revised removing the responsibility for reviewing and recommending camera types from the Integrated Security Technology Committee (ISTC) to the Department of Public Safety’s Integrated Security Unit (ISU); and revised responsibilities and procedures under Section 4.2 for emergency situations.

Meals and Refreshments (6240)Revised 07/2019. Revised combining policies 6250 (Public Relations and Alcohol Expenses) and 6260 (Meal and Refreshments – Local Funds) into 6240 (Meals and Refreshments); removed the meal requirement with alcohol under Section 4.2 – Limitations; added references to University Policy 1050 (Alcohol Beverage Permit Process) and University Policy 7020 (Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace) under Section 4.2.1.f; added clarifying language under Section 4.2.3A related to Public Relation Funds; and removed Appendix A (per-diem rates) and included a link to the per-diem rates on the Accounts Payable website.

Student Code of Conduct (2020) Revised 05/2019. Revised bringing policy into alignment with University Policy 1060 (Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment) and University Policy 1065 (Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking). Revisions clarify Sanctioning Boards throughout; provide updated definitions for Hearing Officer and Conduct Hearing Administrators; detail the process for Conduct Administrative Hearings; and clarify the sanction appeal process under 2020 and the appeal process for 1060 and 1065 decisions. Policy revisions are effective for students May 13, 2019.

Practicum and Internship (3060)Revised 04/2019. Updated to allow practicum/internship courses to include Work U course offerings.

Tuition and Student Fees (3150)Revised 04/2019. Revised to ensure student fees are expended for their stated purpose and in compliance with State Board of Education Policy, Section V.R.

Cash Handling (6010)Revised 04/019. Revised language to comply with State Board of Education Policy, Section V.

Change Funds and Petty Cash (6020)Revised 04/2019. Policy revised deleting procedural language and added clarifying language bringing policy into alignment with University Policy 6010 (Cash Handling).

Investment Policy (6050)Revised 04/2019. Revised removing language requiring the Investment Committee to be chaired by the Treasurer.

Bank Accounts (6200). Revised 04/2019. Revised adding language under Section 3.2 clarifying the Controller’s Office responsibilities.

Cost Sharing (6110)Revised 04/2019. Substantial rewrite to ensure policy is in alignment with Office of Management and Budget Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (“Uniform Guidance”), and the Federal Acquisition (“FAR”).

Travel (6180)Revised 04/2019. Revised language removing pre-approval requirement to use a P-card for non-employee expenses. Removed requirement for all expenses to be paid with personal funds upfront and reimbursable only upon completion of travel. Revised language allows P-card usage for the business-related aspects of travel.

Possession of Firearms/Weapons on University-Owned or Controlled Premises (12080)Revised 04/2019. Updated under Section 4.2.g allowing the lawful carrying of concealed firearms by a qualified, retired law enforcement officer in compliance with Idaho Code §18-3302K. Section 4.4.b was revised prohibiting any employee who holds an enhanced license to carry concealed weapons and is assigned to, or regularly expected to respond to any area where carrying firearms are prohibited under Section 4.2.g.(i-ii), from carrying a firearm while on shift.

New Policies Approved

Base Budgeting for Regular Positions (6350) – Approved 07/2019. New policy established to manage base budgets in appropriated funded regular positions including how funding shortages will be resolved.

Self-Disclosure of Criminal Proceedings (7520) – Approved 07/2019. New policy established requiring all University employees, affiliates, affiliate faculty, volunteers, and student employees with safety-sensitive duties or working in safety-sensitive locations to self-report criminal proceedings within three (3) University business days to Human Resources.

Employee Files (7530) – Approved 07/2019. New policy established designating Human Resources as the custodian for Official Personnel Files. The policy also establishes who has access to employee files, what should and should not be maintained in supervisor files, and the procedure for disclosing information from employee files.

Payroll Overpayments and Underpayments (7540) – Approved 07/2019. New policy established creating the authority and process for identifying and resolving compensation overpayments and underpayments to University employees.

Legal Authorization to Work (7550) – Approved 07/2019. New policy established to comply with federal regulations of the U.S. Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and to communicate guidelines on the completion, filing, retention, and disposal of Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification).

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) (6340)Approved 04/2019. New policy established to protect against payment card fraud in e-commerce and terminal-based transactions in compliance with Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards. This new policy also defines and provides requirements and guidelines for all payment card activities and establishes required practices for all members of Boise State University.

Data Governance Committee (8160)Approved 04/2019. New policy establishing authority for a Data Governance Committee charged with governing the access, use, quality, and retention of University data and ensuring University employees, students, contractors, consultants, affiliates, and vendors act ethically and responsibly with respect to data.

Policies in Development or Revision Process

Policies in Revision

  • Use of University Space Web (1100)
  • Access Control (9080)
  • Policy Development Authority (1000)
  • Student Complete Withdrawal form the University (3110)
  • University Administrative Complete Withdrawals (4185)
  • Faculty Initiated Withdrawal (4190)
  • Exclusion from Campus (12020)
  • Emeritus Faculty and Staff Appointment and Privileges (7480)
  • P-Card (6140)
  • University Sponsorship (9180)
  • University Vehicles (9040)
  • Search for and Selection of Department Chairs, Division Managers, or Unit Heads (4500)
  • Desktop and Laptop Computing Standards (8030)
  • Information Privacy and Data Security (8060)
  • Drone Operations (12120)
  • Procedures for Filing a Request for Reinstatement to a Graduate Program (3090)
  • Pedestrian and Personal Vehicle Conveyance (9010)
  • Speed Limit on Campus (9020)
  • Threat Assessment (12030)
  • C.A.R.E. (12050)
  • Academic Probation (3000)
  • Safety and Loss Control (9130)
  • Smoke Free Campus (9110)
  • Commercial Filming and Photography (10030)
  • Research Faculty Policies and Procedures (5010)
  • Allocation and Distribution of Recovered Facilities and Administrative Costs (6100)
  • Use of Human Subjects (5050)
  • Animal Care and Use (5070)
  • Biosafety (5080)
  • Environmental Health and Safety (9140)
  • Employee Safety and Loss Control Training (9210)
  • Laboratory Safety Committees (9240)
  • Minor Repairs and Alterations (9050)
  • Facilities Operations and Maintenance Work Order Requests (9070)
  • Special Topics Course Proposals (4060)
  • Responsibilities for Curricular Changes and Class Scheduling (4140)
  • Class Schedule Change Procedure (4170)

New Policies Under Development

  • New – Institutional Base Salary
  • New – Chargebacks
  • New – Professor of Practice
  • New – Electronic Signatures
  • New – Guidelines for Evaluation of Teaching Faculty
  • New – Compensation
  • New – Hiring
  • New – Campus Lost and Found
  • New – Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace
  • New – Separation from University Employment
  • New – Proper Funds Management

Policies in Approval Process

  • Collection Management and Public Display of University Art (9090)
  • New – Problem Solving for Classified and Non-Classified/Professional Employees
  • Sponsored Programs Cost Transfer (5090)
  • Information Technology Accessibility (8140)
  • Protection of Minors (12060)
  • Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (1060)
  • Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking (1065)

Policies for Deletion

  • Capital Improvement (6190)
  • Employee Action Form (7120)
  • Scheduling Use of Boise State Grounds by Student Organizations (9160)
  • Public Relations and Alcohol Expenses (6250)
  • Meals and Refreshments – Local Funds (6260)