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Advising Sheet – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – Human Performance and Exercise Science Emphasis


1st SEMESTER Credits   2ND SEMESTER Credits  
ENGL101 English Composition (FW) 3   ENGL102 English Composition (FW) 3  
UF100 Found. of Intellect. Life (UF) 3   Found. of Arts (FA) See catalog 3  
Foundations of Comm. (FC) See catalog 3   Found. of Humanities (FH) See catalog 3-4  
MATH143 College Algebra (FM) 3   MATH144 Analytical Trigonometry 2  
PSYC101 General Psychology (FS) 3   KINES200 Intro to Kinesiology 2  
KINES184 Intro to Strength and Conditioning Coaching I 1   KINES185 Intro to Strength and Conditioning Coaching II 1  
BRONCOFIT Activity 1        


3RD SEMESTER Credits   4TH SEMESTER Credits  
BIOL227 Human Anatomy & Phys (FN) 4   BIOL228 Human Anatomy & Phys (FN) 4  
KINES301, PSYC295 or MATH254 Stats 3   KINES293 Internship 3  
UF200 Found. of Ethics and Divers. (UF) 3   KINES270 Applied Anatomy 3  
KINES201 Cult., Hist., & Phil. Dimensions 3   KINES220 Intro to Athletic Injuries 3  
KINES181 Intro to Sport Coaching 3   Foundations of Social Science (FS) 3  


5TH SEMESTER Credits   6TH SEMESTER Credits  
KINES365 Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (Fall only) 3   KINES330/331 Exercise Physiology and Lab 4  
CHEM101/101L OR CHEM111/111L General Chemistry (FN) 4   CHEM102/102L (Spring only) OR CHEM112/112L General Chemistry 4  
RESPCARE220 CP Renal Physiology

(Fall only)

3   HLTH207 Nutrition or KINES332 Sports Nutrition 3  
PHYS111 Physics I 4   KINES363 Exercise Psychology 3  


7TH SEMESTER Credits   8TH SEMESTER Credits  
KINES432/433 Conditioning Procedures and Lab (FF) 4   Upper division electives (please meet with your advisor) 1-4  
KINES375 Motor Learning and Human Performance 2   KINES436/437 Ex Testing and Prescription and Lab 4  
KINES378 Motor Development and Human Behavior 2   KINES370/371 Biomechanics and Lab 4  
KINES376 Lab for Motor Learning and Human Performance OR KINES379 Lab for Motor Development and Human Behavior 1   KINES493 Internship OR KINES479 Undergraduate Research 3  
KINES362 Sport Coaching Methods and Admin (Fall Only) 3   KINES430 Physical Activity &Spec Populations 3