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Physical Therapy students working with patients

Rehabilitation Science Emphasis (including Pre-Athletic Training)

This emphasis focuses on the fundamental knowledge and skills related to human movement and function, including exercise prescription for health and wellness, injury prevention, and the treatment of human movement dysfunctions.

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Post-Graduation Careers

The Rehabilitation Science emphasis is designed to provide students with a pathway to graduate programs in Athletic Training, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and other rehabilitation science related professional programs. Students interested in pursing Athletic Training can select two different pathways at Boise State University, the (1) Accelerated MAT 5-year (3+2) degree plan or a the (2) traditional BS in Kinesiology with Rehabilitation Science emphasis (4 year degree) and then apply to the MAT (2 year program).

Athletic Training Pathways

  1. Accelerated MAT 5-year (3+2) (Please note: This option is restricted only to those students that meet strict academic progression requirements- Admission to the Masters of Athletic Training program at Boise State is not guaranteed and advising with the accelerated advisor is mandatory each semester). Please contact the Boise State-Athletic Training Program Director in the Department of Kinesiology 208-426-4863 for additional questions.
  2. BS in Kinesiology with Rehabilitation Science Emphasis and then apply to the MAT (2 year program).