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Sports Performance Program

Boise State University: Kinesiology Department Sports Performance Program


The mission of the BSU Kinesiology Department’s Sports Performance Program is to provide comprehensive and scientifically-based consultation, testing, and training that results in enhanced sport performance for athletes across the lifespan.



Lynda Ransdell, Ph.D., FACSM, CSCS is the Director of the BSU Sports Performance Program. She holds certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS, with distinction), USA Weightlifting (Sport Coach, Level 1), USA Hockey (Level 4 Coach), USA Cycling (Level 2 Coach), and Functional Movement Screening.



Graduate and Undergraduate students from the Kinesiology Department staff this program. To work in the program, students must be majors in our department, most are taking the “Applied Conditioning Procedures” class, and several have advanced certifications that make them leaders in our field. All staff undergo extensive training which qualifies them to lead clients through challenging and results oriented programming.


Several services are offered within the Sports Performance Program. Services are summarized below:

  • Functional Movement Screening: This screening helps to identify mobility and stability problems that can occur in athletes who train in a single sport all year round. If strength imbalances (e.g., differences between left and right sides), mobility or flexibility issues, or stability problems are identified, recommendations are made for exercises to strengthen or correct these problems.
  • Sport Specific Performance and Fitness Testing: Sport-specific tests, based on the scientific literature and recommendations from professionals around the country, will be implemented with athletes in an effort to improve their fitness in areas that have been shown to be related to performance in their specific sport.
  • Fitness/Performance Improvement Program Design: Staff from the program will work together to design a fitness/performance improvement plan that is specific to your athlete, sport, ┬áposition within your sport, and training goals. Programs can range from one (1) month to a year.
  • Fitness/Performance Training: Several options are offered for fitness and performance training. For example, athletes can take one-on-one or group classes that will improve their fitness. Classes are designed with contemporary principles of periodization, components of fitness training (e.g., combining power and strength training), and lifespan fitness development.
  • Weight Loss: In situations where athletes need to lose weight to improve their ability to be competitive in their sport, we can design training programs that will help them achieve their weight loss goals.

For more information about the BSU Kinesiology Department Sports Performance Program, please call 208-426-1798 or email