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Fee-Based Services

The MakerLab offers current students (actively enrolled), staff, and faculty at Boise State University the following services:

  • Access to and assistance with emerging technology
  • Instruction for Boise State University courses

Other services provided by the MakerLab are beyond the scope of the MakerLab services and therefore have fees associated with them.

3D Printing

Any student, staff, and faculty may use the LulzBot and other Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printers to print themselves with some coaching from the MakerLab employees. Simply walk in any time the MakerLab is open and request help getting started.

Resin Printing

All resin prints on Form 2 are available for students, staff, and faculty for assignments and research purposes only. There is no charge for using the resin printers.

FDM 3D Printing Flat Rate

Boise State students, staff, and faculty who need to protect their own intellectual property needs, or who would like the MakerLab team to 3D print on their behalf there is a fee. There is no fee for Boise State students, staff, and faculty who learn to 3D print themselves, manage their prints, and schedule their time to fit within the open hours of the MakerLab. 

The MakerLab cannot encumber mass production of 3d prints and recommends that if your project requires mass production that you consider two options:

  1. Working with a company such as Slant 3D to obtain a quote on mass production
  2. Have a student researcher or employee manage their own prints in the MakerLab

For those 3D prints you’d like the MakerLab to 3D print, there is a charge and a process.

  • The rate is calculated based on the number of grams, including support material if support material is deemed to be necessary.
  • The invoice must be paid before we start work.
  • The size must be correct. The customer is responsible for size accuracy.
  • The fee is $1.00 per gram plus Idaho sales tax of 6% plus a one-time set up fee of $10.00.
  • Each part or file must be submitted separately and encumbers its own setup fees per part.
  • Requesters must meet with the MakerLab team to consult on the 3D print. Email to set up a time.
  • Not all requests are possible given time, resource, and staffing constraints.

Other Services

Open the MakerLab for Special Events

  • To open the MakerLab beyond regular hours for special events requires additional staffing, as well as cleanup and set up. This includes training on one piece of equipment per hour per 10 students
  • Cost  is $150 per hour
  • To open the MakerLab beyond this for additional students $150 per hour base, plus $15 per additional student
  • $100 each additional hour per each technology

MakerLab: Tours and Instruction for Non-Boise State School Groups

  • $7.00 per student – base rate instruction
  • Includes:
    • 1 3D printed Boise State B per attendee
    • One half-hour Tinkercad instruction
    • Gain creative confidence
    • Acquire digital skills
    • Discuss making and tinkering with available emerging technology