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Connecting with art through research database

Photo of Luan Teed

Hey there! I’m sure you’ve seen me around on social media, or taking pictures in the library. My name is Luan (Lu-on) and I’m the library’s outreach coordinator. I help market the library and create partnerships throughout Boise State and the local community. I started last month – and I just found something really cool I have to share!

But first, fun-fact about me, I graduated from Boise State with a BFA in illustration and a minor in arts entrepreneurship. I’m a drawer, connector, cat mom, and coffee fiend. I’m learning that the library isn’t just “a big building with books, and a cool place to study.” The culture is really evolving. It’s a true “learning commons,” thanks to the dedicated staff and the resources they provide.

Now onto that super cool thing I discovered: the Oxford Art Online database. When I was a student, I took lots of art history and art theory courses. I wish I had known about this research database! It’s mainly a scholarly art encyclopedia. It has intuitive navigation and you can save, print, and share articles. You can find peer-reviewed articles as well as bibliographies, media, and links to related resources.

Whether you’re researching an artist for class or you want to discover a new one, this database is a great place to start! Seriously, I wish I knew about this sooner!

P.S. If you type “dog” in the search bar, you’ll find a really interesting sculpture by Rona Pondick.

Luan Teed, Outreach Coordinator