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Students can’t keep quiet about library jobs!

Students in Old Library

Do you live to learn? Do you seek knowledge through emerging technology? Want to improve your customer service skills? These are all components of student jobs at Albertsons Library. Campus supervisors know you are here to earn a degree. That’s why they help you design a schedule that is convenient and flexible.

Working on campus is a fun way to make friends and develop skills to add to your resume. The library hires student workers for access services, the MakerLab, technical services, Special Collections and Archives, and more! Whether you want to practice your people skills, learn how to train others on maker space technology, or work behind the scenes, this might be the place for you.

Here’s what some of our student workers say about working in the library:

Why did you apply to work at the library?

Kimberly: “I’m a junior, majoring in environmental studies, with a minor in sustainability. I’m a commuter student, so I decided to apply because it’s convenient and easy to have a job on campus. I only have to park once!”

Elijah: “I’m a sophomore, studying general business. My brother worked here until he graduated. He vouched for the supervisor being a good boss. The job has flexible hours around my class schedule.”

Taylor: “I’m a senior majoring in art education. I moved here from Portland, and wanted to get a really nice, low-key job on campus, within walking distance.”

What do you like most about your job?

Kimberly: “There’s lots of room of growth, and my boss is very open to questions. This helps me learn a lot about the work I do. Every day is different because random things pop up. It’s never boring!” 

Elijah: “It’s really quiet and not psychically demanding. There’s not too much hustle and bustle. I get to practice communicating with people, which is good because I’m super shy. I’m developing customer service skills — I can now actually say ‘have nice day’ to people.”

Taylor: “I like the atmosphere, my co-workers, how flexible the hours are, and the location is super nice. I’ve always had a passion for books and I like being surrounded by them.”

What skills and techniques are you learning that apply to your major?

Kimberly: “I’ve gotten better at finding credible research. I’ve had more practice in communicating complex topics. As an environmental studies major, it’s essential to communicate with policy makers, such as politicians and stakeholders, to encourage change.”

Elijah: “Mostly communication skills, and how to work well with my co-workers and other students.”

Taylor: “I’ve learned how to access knowledge and how to use the library. I’m getting paid to learn about all the resources students can use. At the library, I get reliable information for free, which is another way I’m supplementing my education. All my interactions help with people skills.” 

To find out what campus jobs are available, sign in to the app “Handshake.” As a Boise State student, you already have an account. Note: Only students who have received a work-study award as part of their financial aid are eligible for jobs specified as “work-study.”