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Graduate FAQ

Please see the list of questions on this page. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact the math graduate program to let us know!

Prospective Students

Am I qualified to apply to the program if my undergraduate degree was not in Math?

Before applying to the program, applicants should have completed the calculus sequence through multivariable calculus and junior level analysis, in addition to pre-requisites for specific graduate courses they would like to take in the program. Our calculus sequence consists of Math 170/1, Math 175/6, and Math 275, and our junior level analysis is Math 314. You can read the descriptions in our undergraduate course catalog.

Other pre-requisites will depend on the students’ area of interest. Please refer to our graduate course catalog, and determine if you have the necessary prerequisites to enroll in the courses of interest.

What is the total cost of tuition of the program for a year? Are there tuition waiver or graduate assistantships available to new students?

Please refer to the graduate tuition and fees. We offer GEM scholarships that waive non-resident tuition, please see eligibility information.

We have a limited number of assistantships. You are welcome to apply at any time, because sometimes they unexpectedly become available even after the deadline has passed.

What are the GRE and GPA requirements for the admission program and any other requirements?

There minimum GPA score requirement is 3.0, but we also look particularly carefully at your mathematics courses. We are currently waiving the GRE test requirement. International students must take an english proficiency test, unless they have a degree from a university in an english-speaking country. The minimum TOEFL score of 587 (paper test) or 240 (computer test) or 95 (Internet test.) is required. The current minimum score for the IELTS is 6.5.

What is the average profile of students accepted to the program?

Our answer will be somewhat vague. Most have undergraduate degrees in Math, while some have had degrees in science, engineering or computer science. Many students come straight from undergraduate programs, while some have been out school for a few or more years. Some students have graduated from Boise State, while most come from other Universities.

Most students in the program have assistantships, and graduate in two years. This requires a lot of dedication to their studies during the two years.

What is the student to professor ratio?

About one to one.

What facilities are available to help me in terms of doing research or participating in internships throughout my graduate experience?

Students are required to complete a culminating activity, and two choices are a thesis or internship/project. During the first semester of the program students participate in a seminar where they learn about different areas of faculty research that can facilitate a thesis, in addition to some information about internships. Students should decide by the end of their second semester if they will do a thesis or internship, and identify a faculty member who will guide them through the process.

How do students get internships? Are they selected and placed or are students required to find their own internship?

Students are responsible for finding their own internships, and are typically successful. Our faculty and students with internship experience can give guidance.

After the internship, students are required to complete a project with a faculty member that develops some of the mathematics they encountered during the internship.

Does the department provide assistantships, fellowships or grants? What are the requirements?

We offer 5-6 Teaching Assistantships per year, and faculty occasionally have Research Assistantships available. Applicants should indicate their interest in an assistantship. Please see our Graduate Assistantships page for more information.

Which emphasis area or research program in the mathematics department will be best for me?

We offer areas of emphasis in pure math, applied math, statistics, and math education. It may be helpful to look at the requirements for each emphasis.

Is there an English Proficiency requirement to be admitted?

International graduate applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English in order to be considered for admission to Boise State. There are several approved ways for applicants to demonstrate English proficiency. Please refer to the International Admissions Office for current test score requirements.

Current students

What is the procedure to graduate with an MS?

See the Graduation Procedures for Math Graduate Students document in the Math Graduate Student Resources Shared Drive. (Request access if you do not have it.)

How do I type up my Master's Thesis?

You may use any method that meets the graduate college requirements, but most students use the LaTeX Thesis Template available in the Math Graduate Student Resources Shared Drive. (Request access if you do not have it.)

Are there internship opportunities for math graduate students?