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NEW Leadership Arrival and Check-in Instructions

Check In is by Last Name

If your first name begins with A-J: 2:00 – 2:30

If your first name begins with K-Z: 2:30 – 3:00

You will want to plan enough time to get your key, unload, set up your iPad, and get your car parked in the garage. There is no need to come early, plenty of time is scheduled for the check in process; however, please do not be late. We have also staggered check-in to avoid backups so please try to arrive within your designated time frame. Our first session starts at 3:00!


The primary address of the townhomes is 1107 Lincoln Avenue (this is not our address but this is what you will want to key in to your map app!). We will be staying in Juniper House, on the SW corner of Lincoln and Belmont. Individual rooms will be marked with balloons and so far we have not had another group checking in at the same time so if you see balloons, you are probably in the right place! You can leave your car temporarily parked on Lincoln or Belmont with your flashers on while you check in and unload.


The Office is across from Lincoln Parking Garage on Belmont Street. You will need a photo ID to pick
up your room key. You will also need to check in at the Staff Room in Juniper 101. This is where you will
get your parking pass and iPad. It doesn’t matter which place you stop first, if there is a line at one then go to the other so we can keep things moving smoothly. If you have your own iPad, you still need to check in at the staff room so we can get you set up with apps you will need for the week. We will also have some room supplies for you to pick up in the Staff Room. We are not allowed in your rooms so you’ll want to send someone from your room over to pick up soda, snacks and soap! Remember, there are no dishes in the townhomes so if you want a glass of water – bring a glass!