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Lincoln Townhomes, Packing List, Arrival and Check-in

Yes, you really do need to stay on campus!  Trust us, it’s worth it.  Not only is the formal schedule long but there are many informal activities that you won’t want to miss out on.  Think of it as a week-long slumber party.  This is when you are going to really bond with each other – sharing the excitement of the day’s lessons, working on video creations, and strategizing (spying?) for your Action Project.

Lincoln Townhomes are designed just like a traditional off site condo or apartment complex.  Each home consists of four bedrooms  and three bathrooms. There is a full kitchen and living room downstairs, along with one bedroom and a bathroom; three bedrooms and another two bathrooms are upstairs.  The grounds include is a volleyball court, basketball court, and a small amphitheater that many students use to gather and work together.

Your townhouse is furnished and the following items are provided:

  • One bath towel and washcloth
  • Sheets, one pillow and one blanket
  • Toilet Paper
  • A roll of Paper Towels in the kitchen
  • Hand Soap
  • Dish Soap
  • Snacks and Soda Pop for your room

This Packing List contains the most common items we’re asked about. Of course don’t forget your toiletries, medicines or anything else you would normally bring if you were going to be away from home for a week!

Arrival and Check-in  and Boise State Interactive Map

Boise State’s Campus Recreation Center and Student Union are both within easy walking distance of the Townhomes.  Students may use these facilities in the morning before session or in the evening after planned activities are complete.