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Packing List

This list is designed to answer common questions about what to bring. It does not include toiletries and personal items so don’t  leave them at home just because they are not on the list!

What to bringNotes
College ShirtWear on Sunday arrival and show your school spirit
Nice (but not formal) outfitWednesday VIP Reception
Business-y outfitFriday at the Legislature
4 or 5 casual outfitsWe interact with professionals everyday so nicer is better!
JammiesOr whatever you like to wear to sleep in
Comfy clothes for hanging out at dormsYou're going to want to get out of those nice clothes!
UnderwearProbably obvious but bummer if you forget
Walking ShoesThere's an optional walk on Sunday
Other ShoesYou can never have too many shoes (heels, toms, flats, slippers)
Sweater, Jacket, or ScarfIt will be hot out but cool inside
Hosiery (optional)I refuse to wear it.
PillowSeriously, the ones they provide are rocks
BlanketIf you are the type to get cold at night
Teddy BearDon't leave home without it
Something to make it home-y (optional)I brought a desk lamp last year and was glad I did
Water BottleSo we don't waste plastic
Backpack or toteWe don't carry a lot of stuff but this can be helpful
iPad (optional)These will be provided
Camera (optional)You can take pics on the iPad
EarplugsYou will be staying in a dorm