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Events involving minors must register in advance

The Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics would like to remind faculty and staff to register any program or activity involving minors at least 14 days before the event to ensure compliance with the university’s protection of minors policy. Both university and non-university programs can register events by completing a form online.

All individuals participating or interacting with minors in university programs or activities must successfully complete a required background verification and minor abuse prevention training at least 48 hours prior to the start of the program or activity. Non-university programs must ensure their employees, volunteers, and representatives complete background verifications and training that meet or exceed the requirements for university programs.

For questions about working with minors as participants in a program or activity, contact Angie Zirschky at (208) 426-3098 or Annie Hightower at (208) 426-1252 in the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics, or email More information can also be found on the Office of Institutional Compliance website and in University Policy 12060: Protection of Minors.