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Military Programs makes a difference, one promise at a time

Boise State Military Programs are a vital resource for service members aspiring to pursue higher education. The group works with service members to encourage student success, including personalized support and the Tuition Assistance Promise for eligible online programs.

Funding to bridge the gap

Tuition Assistance Promise bridges the gap between military funding and university per-credit costs for fully online degrees, alleviating the financial burdens that often deter military members from realizing their academic goals.

Members who are active duty, reserve or part of the National Guard using Federal Tuition Assistance can use Boise State’s program to unlock a world of educational opportunities, ensuring a college education can become a reality without the weight of student debt hampering their ambitions. In 2022, the average military student who participated in the program saved over $1,000.

The Tuition Assistance Promise made a difference in Doug Fellows’ path to a degree.

“Boise State’s military tuition assistance was so easy and simple. It covers 100% of tuition for military students, which is unique.” Fellows said. “We normally cap at $250 per credit. I didn’t have to pay out of my pocket. It is one of the main reasons I chose Boise State.”

TA Promise student Doug Fellows stands with two colleagues
Douglas Fellows served in the military while earning a Bachelor of Applied Science at Boise State. Photo Provided by Douglas Fellows.

Boise State University’s fully online degree programs offer a valuable lifeline to service members striving to complete their education while actively engaged in military service. These flexible and accessible programs recognize the unique demands placed on military personnel, allowing them to pursue their academic goals anywhere in the world, even in the most remote deployments.

Learn from anywhere

With a diverse range of online courses and degree options, Boise State Online empowers service members to balance their military duties with the pursuit of higher education, making it more feasible than ever to earn a degree without interrupting their service commitments.

These programs facilitate academic progress and also provide military students with the adaptability they need to enhance their skill set and career prospects, ensuring a smoother transition into civilian life when the time comes.

For students like Matthew Roth, the Tuition Assistance Promise and his applied science degree helped him prepare for a post-military career.

“The military is not forever, so set yourself up for the future. It allows you to meet people and open doors in ways you wouldn’t have thought,” Roth said. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there as a student. Take advantage of everything the college has to offer.”

Matthew Roth at his Boise State University graduation
Boise State Online graduate Matthew Roth used Tuition Assistance Promise to complete his degree while serving in the military.

A home base at Boise State

The Tuition Assistance Promise and a full suite of military support services, paired with high-quality academic programs, underscores Boise State’s commitment to military students. Since the program launched in April 2019, Boise State has seen a 740% increase in military students enrolled in online programs, with 32 military students in 2019 and 269 in 2023.

“Boise State’s military programs was designed from the ground up to support those currently serving. I am extremely proud of the access to a high-quality education we are extending to service members and their families,” said Sean Hunter, the director of Community Educational Outreach at Boise State and a member of the Idaho Army National Guard. “Using TA Promise, a service member can complete their degree at little cost. This saves their GI bill so they can transfer those benefits to their dependents, allowing the service member to get their degree and help their family complete theirs.

“We’re proud to stand by our military students, and we look forward to continuing this upward trajectory of support and success in the years to come.”

By reducing financial barriers, Boise State Military Programs pave the way for military personnel to leverage their tuition assistance benefits, ensuring they can confidently embark on their academic journey and reach their educational goals.