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Dual (Concurrent) Enrollment for ADN Students

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment is an option that enables associate degree nursing students to take RN-BS courses at Boise State while they are also completing courses in regionally accredited associate degree programs.

This option will help students get a jump start on completing their bachelor’s degree and is especially beneficial if they plan to seek employment at hospitals that give hiring preference to “BSN” nurses.

Which courses can I take while I am an ADN student or prior to taking the NCLEX?

The following pre-licensure courses can be completed concurrently while you are enrolled in a regionally accredited associate degree program. There are an addition 5-6 credits you can take while sitting for your NCLEX results. Once you pass the NCLEX, you will be eligible to enroll in the post-licensure courses needed complete the RN-BS program.

CoursePre-licensure CoursesCredits
NURS-RN 350Transitional Foundations (must be taken in the first semester)3
NURS-RN 392Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3
NURS-RN 416Community and Population Health Nursing3
NURS-RN 420Policy, Power, and Voice3
NURS-RN 422Care Coordination and Resource Management3
NURS-RN 424Nursing Leadership and Management3
Nursing Roles in Healthy Aging (7 weeks)2
Selected Topics in Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations (one section of 430 required, the other may be taken as an elective)
Topic 1: Palliative Care (5 weeks)
Topic 2: Child Maltreatment & Healthcare (5 weeks)
1 ea
ElectiveNURS-RN 306 E-Learning Preparation for the RN - 1st semester only OR NURS-RN 434 Planning for a Financially Savvy Career 1-3

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, just one. You will need to transfer in an eligible 3-credit statistics course. You are also able to enroll in a statistics course during your first semester taking RN-BS courses. View prerequisite information.

If your associate’s program will result in an ADN or AAS degree you may need other general education courses. Please contact an advisor for a transcript review.

Are there any summer courses available?

Yes. If your ADN is not a year-round program, taking RN-BS pre-licensure courses during the summer is a great way to earn credits toward your bachelor’s degree prior to completing your associate degree. Please note, Boise State is on a semester system; please check with your advisors for scheduling and questions regarding financial aid.

Are there classes that require a RN license?

While you can take any of the pre-licensure courses prior to taking the NCLEX, there are several required courses that can only be taken by registered nurses. We strongly encourage you to sit for the NCLEX as soon as possible after completing your associate degree. There are an additional 5-6 credits you are able to take while sitting for the NCLEX exam.

The following courses require students to be a registered nurse with an active, unencumbered license.

NURS-RN 417Community and Population Health Nursing Lab (project course)3
NURS-RN 425Nursing Leadership and Management Lab (project course) 3
Preparing for Graduate Education and Advanced Practice (7 weeks)1
Independent Study 1-4
NURS-RN 400Inter-professional Capstone1

How do I decide if dual enrollment is a good option for me?

It’s important to consider whether concurrently enrolling in both an associate degree and bachelor’s degree completion program is right for you based upon your own goals, ADN credit load, and other family or work commitments. Please note, Boise State is on a semester system while many ADN programs are not; please check with your advisor for scheduling and questions regarding financial aid.

Maura Rasmussen, Manager, RNBS Enrollment & AdvisingMaura Rasmussen, M.Ed
RN-BS Manager of Enrollment and Advising

Phone: 208-426-1768

About: Maura Rasmussen played an integral role in the development of the RN-BS Completion Track. She has guided hundreds of nursing students from admission to graduation and is frequently cited for her unparalleled commitment to helping her students.
Portrait of Rachael MonseratRachael Monserat, M.Ed.
RN-BS Academic Advisor

Phone: 208-426-3589

About: Rachael is so excited to join the School of Nursing team and will advise students in the RN-BS Online Completion Track. She is passionate about helping students and helping them achieve a positive student experience. She is looking forward to connecting with students and watching them succeed.

How do I apply as a dual enrollment student?

The application process is the same for dual enrollment students. The only difference is that instead of providing your RN license number when you apply, you will provide this number before enrolling in any courses that require licensure.  View application process.

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