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RN-BS Track Requirements

As a student who has successfully completed at least one semester in a regionally accredited associate degree program, you can begin taking a few classes to get a head start on your bachelor’s in nursing degree. Whether you choose to dual enroll, or wait until you complete the RN program and sit for NCLEX, your degree requirements remain the same.

RN-BS Statistics Prerequisite Options

NOTE: Must be a registered RN in the United States or currently enrolled in an ADN program.

1. Take a statistics course at Boise State University

A 3-credit undergraduate statistics courses is a prerequisite for enrolling in many of the RN-BS courses.  An eligible course can be transferred in or you can choose one of the following options to enroll in at Boise State.

HLTH 280*Introduction to Statistical Methods
MATH 254*Applied Statistics with Computers
PSY 295*Statistical Methods
CJ 426*Criminal Justice Statistics
SOC 310*Elementary Social Statistics
BUSSTAT 207 or BUSSTAT 208Business Statistics

*Available online.

NOTE: Unless you are enrolling in Boise State’s HLTH 280: Introduction to Statistical Methods, please do not enroll before consulting with your RN-BS Advisor.

2. Take a statistics course through Idaho Independent Study

Take a statistics course through Idaho Independent Study (correspondence course).

MATH 1153Introduction to Statistics
PSYC 300Statistical Methods

3. Take a statistics course from another regionally accredited university and transfer the credits to Boise State

NOTE: Please confirm that the course meets the prerequisite requirement with an RN-BS Advisor prior to registering.

Upon acceptance to the nursing program, students receive an emailed welcome packet with the additional forms and information needed to enroll in online RN-BS nursing courses.

Articulation Agreements

The RN-BS program has agreements with several schools that make satisfying prerequisites and transferring credits easy.

Learn more about Articulation Agreements

Residency, Relocation, and International Restrictions


Boise State’s RN-BS Program is available to applicants from all U.S. states.


Authorization or licensure rules vary state by state. Students are therefore encouraged to contact their program advisor or director to inquire about whether restrictions set by State Boards of Nursing have changed if relocating.


If considering a move out of country, contact your program advisor. The sanctions and restrictions for foreign countries are dynamic, and enrollments may require review by Boise State’s Institutional Compliance Office.

For international institutions please view the International Credit Evaluation.

SARA State Authorization and Professional Licensure Disclosure