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RN-BS Costs


The average cost to complete the RN-BS Completion Track is approximately $12,879. The tuition rate combined with the distance ed fee is $365 per credit hour. There are no additional fees for out-of-state residents.

  • Tuition and fees are subject to change.
  • Cost may vary based upon transfer credits accepted toward graduation requirements and prior learning credits
  • Estimate below does not include cost of the statistics prerequisite or any general education courses that may be required for graduation.
  • Tuition benefits for Boise State employees do not apply.

Cost Estimate

Boise State Application Fee$50
Supplemental RN-BS Application Fee$20
RN-BS Tuition and Distance Ed Fees (30 credits @ $365 per credit)$10,950
Prior Learning Credits* ($20 per class x 9 classes)$180
Books ( $100 per class x 13 classes)$1,300
Background check/drug test Up to $268.75
Approximate Total$12,879
*As an RN, you can apply for Prior Learning Credits after you have passed the NCLEX and completed a minimum of 12 credits of the RN-BS curriculum.

Financial Aid

To be eligible for financial aid generally requires taking six credits or more per semester. To apply for federal financial aid, please review and complete the FAFSA.