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I’m a Registered Nurse.  When can I start?

Registered nurses may register for classes immediately upon admission and completion of the RN-BS online orientation. Apply online today.

I’m an ADN student.  When can I start?

If you are a current nursing student who has completed the first two terms of your associate degree in nursing (ADN) program at a regionally accredited college, you can dual enroll in online RN-BS courses at Boise State while you complete your ADN. View dual enrollment and prerequisite information.

Courses available for dual enrollment may also be taken if you are an ADN graduate preparing for the NCLEX.

Flexible Schedules

On average, working registered nurses who attend year-round, complete the RN-BS program in 18 months by taking 5-7 credits each semester.  However, we invite you to create a program that works best for you.  You can choose to:

  • Attend part-time or full-time.
  • Dual enroll while completing your ADN or wait to begin until you pass the NCLEX.
  • Enroll year-round or take summers off.
  • Slow the pace by taking one class per semester.
  • Accelerate completion and finish in 12 months.
  • Take a semester off when needed.

Sample Schedule

This sample schedule shows a path to completion in five semesters (18 months if attending year-round).  We invite you to consult with an RN-BS advisor to personalize your plan.

Prerequisite Requirement: An eligible 3-credit statistics course must be transferred in or taken during your  first semester of enrollment in RN-BS courses. View prerequisite information.

SemesterCourse Title Credit
Semester 1 *NURS-RN 350Professional Transitions in Nursing 3 Credits
*NURS-RN 392 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice3 Credits
Semester 2*NURS-RN 428 Nursing Roles in Healthy Aging 2 Credits
*NURS-RN 430 Pick one topic: Palliative Care or Child Maltreatment and Healthcare 1 Credit
*NURS-RN 422Care Coordination and Resource Management 3 Credits
Semester 3NURS-RN 416 Community and Population Health Nursing 3 Credits
NURS-RN 417 Community and Population Health Nursing Lab3 Credits
Semester 4NURS-RN 424 Nursing Leadership and Management 3 Credits
NURS-RN 425Nursing Leadership and Management Lab2 Credits
*Nursing Elective Choose one course from table below
Semester 5NURS-RN 420 Policy, Power, and Voice 3 Credits
NURS-RN 432Preparing for Graduate Education and Advanced Practice 2 Credits
HLTH 400 Interprofessional Capstone Course 1 Credit
Total Credits30 Credits
These courses are available for dual enrollment while enrolled in the last year of an ADN program and can be taken by ADN graduates who are preparing for the NCLEX.
Electives*NURS-RN 306 E-Learning Preparation for the RN 1 Credit
*NURS-RN 434Preparation for a Financially Savvy Career and Retirement 1 Credit
*NURS-RN 496Independent Study Elective (Consult Advisor)1 Credit
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