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Max’s Minute: The OIT Strategic Plan

Boise State University CIO, Max Davis-Johnson, talks about the Office of Information Technology (OIT) strategic plan, governance partners, and the continuous evolution of technology in relation to the OIT strategic plan.

You can view the OIT strategic plan on our website. You may comment on the plan by emailing Max Davis-Johnson, CIO, at

Video Transcript

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>> MAX: Today I’m going to talk a little bit about our strategic plan.

TITLE: Max’s Minute November 2017

Hi, this is Max Davis-Johnson, Boise State University Office of Information Technology.

TITLE: How often does OIT review its strategic plan?

We do an annual update. We try to take a five-year view and layout a framework for where we want OIT to go.

TITLE: What informs the Office of Information Technology (OIT) strategic plan?

We have our mission, our values, our core beliefs. We have our core objectives.

We try very hard to align those with the University’s strategic plan.

The University strategic plan has been relatively stable over the last number of years, so these parts of our plan have been stable too.

What we try to do, especially within each of our objectives, is identify projects and initiatives, short-term and long-term, long-term being five-year view of what we see, of what we think we need to accomplish in each in these core areas.

And all this is based on our mission, our values, our vision, and sort of our core tenets.

TITLE: Do campus partners review the strategic plan?

We work with ITGC, IT Governance Council. We work with the ITPC, IT Planning Council to sort of help affirm, confirm these that we’re on the right track, that we’re doing the right thing.

TITLE: Does the plan change to accommodate new technology?

The very nature of technology: it’s changing, it’s evolving, and it’s one of the reasons we need to continue to evolve our strategic plan.

Technology is a core part of what we do at work. It’s a core part in our personal lives at home.

Our goal is to make technology so it’s not, it’s an enabler, it’s a tool, but it doesn’t get in the way of you doing your job.

TITLE: Does the strategic plan provide a framework for decision making?

Each of us, not just OIT, but all other departments and colleges on campus, we’re continually being asked to do more. And we’re being asked to do more and we don’t necessarily have more money, i.e. resources, to get this done.

So it’s very important that we have a framework that we can continually go back to and say, you’re asking, we’re trying to do this, is this part of our plan, our strategy moving forward?

It helps us balance and bring some framework, some consistency, to what we do as a department for the University moving forward.

TITLE: Can I view and comment on the OIT strategic plan?

This plan is posted on our OIT website,

I encourage you to go out and look at it. We’re always looking for feedback on this. We want to make sure we’re on the right track. It’s important that we do hear from anybody that’s interested in the plan. If there’s adjustments we need to make, if there are things we aren’t focusing on, again, we want to know this.

We’ll continue to review this with our guidance councils, our governance council, our priority council, and other constituents on campus as we go forward.

This plan is important to us. I want it to be important to you too. So, take a look when you get a chance.