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Introducing myBoiseState 3.0

Today we’re happy to announce the official release of myBoiseState 3.0.

This new version is built using modern code and features an updated interface and user experience reflecting current web application best practices.

The university has undergone a significant amount of change since the previous version was released in 2015, and the new myBoiseState was designed to reflect that change by focusing on features that provide the most value based on feedback from students, faculty, and staff.

A new navigation menu offers a more intuitive way to organize and access tools and information with fewer pages to click through.

Home View

Our approach to the home view is to highlight the most important information about a student through a campus-wide and administrative lens.

One new feature to support this approach is a consolidated calendar that includes dates and deadlines from sources such as a student’s class schedule, Google Calendar, Canvas, and the Boise State academic calendar.

Student View

We made the administrative tasks of being a student easier at a particular course level, and reduced barriers for students to get help in a particular course.

If a student opts to connect their Canvas account to myBoiseState, students can easily see assignment due dates and announcements from the class instructor all in one view.

Faculty View

One of the main concerns for faculty was the difficulty of communicating with their students.

With the new myBoiseState, we made it easy for instructor to view class rosters, send out emails to their class, display office hours, and transfer grades from Canvas to PeopleSoft.

Employee Recognition

We collaborated with Human Resources to develop the new “Thank a Bronco” tool in the new myBoiseState. Employees can select Thank a Bronco from the menu in myBoiseState, or scroll to the bottom of the Home View to submit kudos for a peer or colleague as well as browse through the current employee recognitions.

Your Feedback is Important

Your feedback really does make a significant difference with myBoiseState and is important to help us continue to develop and refine the application to meet your needs now and in the years to come. Select Leave Feedback from the myBoiseState menu and let us know your thoughts.