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Google Gemini Now Available to Faculty and Staff

Gemini, Google’s conversational AI (artificial intelligence) tool, is now available to faculty and staff.

Like other AI chatbots, you may ask Gemini a question by providing an input and it will provide an answer or output. Gemini is a little different, however, in that it uses information from the web to respond. As part of Google Workspace, Gemini can also export content to Google Docs or Gmail.

When used appropriately, Gemini and other AI tools can help with a variety of tasks. However, it may give inaccurate or inappropriate information so it is important to validate generated content using other reliable resources. Do not enter confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information or other items that should not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties. For instance, student education records are protected by FERPA, and data related to human subjects research may not be entered into any AI tool, including Gemini. Similarly, all employees must safeguard institutional data and the intellectual property rights of the University, its partners, and its sponsors. Just like with other technology at Boise State, all other University policies apply. When in doubt about whether Gemini or other AI tools can or should be used for a project or activity, contact your supervisor.

Bard can be accessed by visiting and signing in with your university account credentials.

Gemini Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information on Google Bard, please visit the Office of Information Technology’s website.