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Set Up Appointment Schedules in Google Calendar

Beginning July 18, 2024, Google Workspace Calendar will replace appointment slots with appointment schedules. Appointment schedules provide a more cohesive user experience by offering a smoother booking process and more powerful features.

With appointment schedules, you can easily view booked appointments in your Google Calendar schedule and create and share booking pages so people can book time with you.

Create an appointment schedule

Step 1: Set up your appointment schedule

  1. On a computer, open your Google Workspace Calendar.
  2. At the top left, click Create.
  3. Click Appointment schedule.
  4. Enter a title.
  5. Set an appointment duration.
  6. Set the date, time, and time zone of your appointments.
  7. Choose settings for your appointment availability, such as your scheduling window or days when you won’t be available.
  8. Choose a primary or secondary calendar where you want to add your appointment schedule.
  9. Add co-hosts to the appointment by entering the co-host’s names or email addresses.
  10. Click Next.

Step 2: Set up your booking page

  1. Review your booking page photo and name.
  2. Select a location or conference option for the appointment.
  3. Add a description.
  4. Add any custom fields you would like your attendees to fill out.
  5. Optional: Turn on appointment payments. A Stripe account is required.
  6. Set up confirmation emails and reminders for your emails. You can send up to 5 reminders.
  7. Click Save.

For more information about appointment schedules, visit the Google Calendar Help Center.