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Software and Accessibility Review Board

The Software and Accessibility Review Board (SARB) facilitates interdepartmental reviews of new software and software renewals. SARB partners with Procurement and General Counsel to ensure proper standards are followed for new University software.

Please refer to the University Application Inventory to determine if an existing approved software application meet your department’s needs:

University Application Inventory

The W's of the SARB

If this is your first time submitting a request to SARB, we do not want you to feel like you are doing it alone. The process is facilitated by our team from beginning to end.

Please note that student employees, graduate teaching assistants, affiliates, and vendors are not eligible to submit SARB requests.

Contact for more information.

What is SARB?

A SARB request is a collection of technical information gathered by the requester (you) and the vendor. This information is routed through a committee of campus IT professionals, each with unique areas of expertise.

This group collectively checks for compatibility with Boise State’s existing IT infrastructure, compliance with University policies, and adherence to best practices and IT standards.

Why do I have to submit a SARB?

As you select software you wish to purchase or obtain, our team will ensure the software is reviewed for the safety and security of our University community. Boise State stands to save resources by reducing redundancy and unifying toolsets.

An Accessibility Review will be performed when software is utilized by students and/or the general public, to ensure in accordance with University Policy 8140 (Information Technology Accessibility).

When should I submit a SARB request?

Submit a request to SARB as soon as you have selected the product you wish to procure.

All new and renewal software procurements require SARB review.

Renewals assist our team by capturing any changes that may have occurred with how Boise State utilizes the software.

Renewals that have been previously approved through the SARB process, and with no changes to who will use the software and/or how the software will be utilized at Boise State, may be guided through a simplified request form.

When is it Not Necessary to Submit a SARB Request?

  • Procurement of non-sensitive data, specifically if no Boise State faculty or staff have access to the software and if Boise State is directing users to a third-party website (e.g., ZTRAX).
  • Procurement to access a website that allows specific faculty and staff user to view content (e.g., New York Times).
  • Procurement of social media applications that students and the general public are not required to utilize (e.g., X).
  • Procurement of hardware that does not include software.
  • Procurement of a vendor where Boise State does not take over ownership of the content that students and/or general public are not required to utilize (e.g., AAA Flag and Banner).

If you are unsure your vendor meets these thresholds please submit a SARB request.

Submit Your SARB Request

After we receive your request, our team will assist you throughout the SARB review process.

Please allow at least 10 business days to complete your SARB request.

Learn About Required Information for SARB
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