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Boise State Launches the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation and Design

Female student studies on her computerWelcome to Digital Innovation + Design

Boise State Online is launching the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation + Design program in the Spring of 2022. The premier digital innovation + design program gives students the tools and knowledge to enter a growing industry and design tomorrow’s digital presence by leveraging established online certificate programs into a fully online degree program. Students of the program will learn to bridge technology and creativity in classes on user interface design, creative problem solving and working with modern technology while earning certificates and industry credentials along the way. Whether you’re earning your first degree, finishing school or changing careers, Boise State’s fully online digital innovation + design program can catapult you to the next level in your career.

A Growing Job Market

Whether you want to join a robust team or be your own boss after graduation, the digital innovation and design program provides you with the technical foundation to pursue a profession in the rapidly growing digital workplace. The digital innovation job market is expected to grow by 15% around the country with 488,449 new jobs by 2030. Boise State digital innovation and design graduates are perfect candidates for positions that bridge the gap between technology and creativity including digital marketing specialists, digital content creators, web developers, digital freelancers, project managers and more!

Progress with certificates and make the path your own

Boise State’s Digital Innovation + Design program gives you the chance to earn real-world certificates while completing your degree. Students of the Digital Innovation + Design program will earn a professional certificate after every 30 credits completed in their degree plan. Better yet, Students have the ability to choose exactly which certificates they’ll earn. Students can explore digital innovation and earn certificates in four of the following areas:

Innovation and Design
User Experience Design
Content Production
Creative Influence
User Experience Research
Applied Leadership


Digital Innovation and Design. Total Credits: 120. Student Success Curriculum 12 credits. University Foundations 34-37 credits. First year Certificate - Innovation and Design 12 credits. Choose 2 certificates (18-24 credits): UX Design, Content Production or Creative Influence. Choose 1 Certificate (9-12 credits): UX research or Applied Leadership. Experiential Element (0-12 credits): Internship or Apprenticeship

Your next steps

Ready to learn more about the digital innovation + design program? Boise State Online student success coaches can help you determine if this is the right program for you and how to make the most of your time at Boise State. Talk to a student success coach today to learn your next steps for applying to the program!