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Digital Innovation + Design Degree Plan

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation + Design is your pathway to master and apply innovation and design principles. The quantitative and qualitative, problem-solving skills developed through this program give you a unique perspective and competitive edge within your professional field of interest.

Courses are offered online only, with no in-person requirements. Classes are seven weeks and you can complete the degree at a full-time or part-time pace, whichever works for your schedule.

Content on this page is provided as a quick reference for planning your academic schedule. All official course descriptions and degree requirements are published on the undergraduate catalog site.

Digital Innovation + Design Certificates

Choose certificates to create the degree that aligns with your interests and goals. Individual certificates indicate your mastery of a variety of skills and give you immediately applicable knowledge. Are you unsure which certificates best meet your needs?

Use The Design Your Experience Tool

As a student in this program, you are required to complete the Certificate in Innovation and Design to develop your creative mindset and explore emerging technologies, prototyping and creative concepting.

Applied Leadership

Grow into a high-impact leader. Hone your leadership style to address challenges.

Cyber Operations

Become an industry-ready professional, capable of creating and protecting resilient systems and networks.

IT Support For All

Gain knowledge to troubleshoot, diagnose and solve tech problems. Learn how to manage computer systems.

Social Media Creator

Learn safe social media practices, explore the basics of digital storytelling and develop an online content strategy.


Build foundational business skills in leadership, management, sales and investing.

Data Analysis For All

Conduct a complete analysis and share insights using various data visualization tools. Create a data analysis case study.

Media Content Management

Develop practical skills to produce and manage content on websites and social media.

User Experience Design

Establish a foundation in design thinking and human-technology interaction. Earn industry credentials.

Content Production

Activate and produce your ideas. Explore design, audiovisual and digital tools.


Become proficient in esports technology and analyze trends in data, analytics, media and esports content.

Project Management For All

Learn to lead projects, work with people and deliver value within an organization.

User Experience Research

Understand the needs of product users. Build an ethnography toolkit from field visits, contextual interviews and direct observations.

Classes and Scheduling Options

Course Descriptions

Required Courses

COID 305 Introduction to Digital Innovation and Design Degree

Explore academic and career goal-setting strategies, innovative thinking frameworks, the connection of theory to practice, academic culture, academic integrity, the vital nature of an academic support community and the qualities of a reflective and adaptive learner.

COID 339 Career Hacking

Students will explore and practice proven methods for hacking into fulfilling creative careers through non-traditional networking and interviewing methods. Explore purpose and passions using reflective and introspective techniques and learn how to turn them into fulfilling work. Take control and turn the traditional job search approach on its head by taking a proactive role in designing a tailored future. Use innovative techniques and tools to hone resumes, create digital portfolios and get interviews in competitive fields.

COID 495 Digital Innovation and Design Capstone

Complete and present an integrative capstone project and a culminating self-evaluation.

IPS 310 Finding Professional Purpose

Develop an individual and clear professional purpose by exploring personal values, interests and skills and by learning how to articulate unique contributions to the workplace.

IPS 320 Designing Your Work Life

Discover and use design thinking principles and frameworks to craft a work life that is meaningful, fulfilling and aligned with your professional values and goals.

Certificate in Innovation and Design

Certificate Courses

Certificate in Applied Leadership: Growing into a High-Impact Leader

Certificate in +Business

Certificate in Content Production

Certificate in Cyber Operations

Certificate in Data Analysis for All

Certificate in Esports

Certificate in IT Support for All

Certificate in Media Content Management

Certificate in Project Management for All

Certificate in Social Media Creator

Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design

Certificate in User Research (UX): UX Professional

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