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A New Degree For A New Age

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation + Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation + Design equips you with new ways of thinking and doing to solve real-world problems and foster innovation.

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Next Application Deadline: July 15


The application deadline for the first fall seven-week session has passed. Apply now to start classes in October.

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The online digital innovation and design degree is delivered in a convenient, 100% online format, and admission is offered every fall, spring and summer semester. All application materials must be received by the deadline to be considered for admission. You must apply separately for admission to Boise State University.

Program Details

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How to Apply

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Career Opportunities

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Choose Your Certificates and Focus Areas

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation + Design will prepare students for user experience design, digital project management, creative content creation and data specialist positions.

In addition to the required first-year Certificate in Innovation and Design, students choose three certificates to create the degree that aligns with their interests and goals. Are you unsure which certificates best meet your needs?

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What is a Certificate, Credential, Emphasis or Minor?

Applied Leadership

Grow into a high-impact leader. Hone your leadership style to address challenges.

Cyber Operations

Become an industry-ready professional, capable of creating and protecting resilient systems and networks.

IT Support For All

Gain knowledge to troubleshoot, diagnose and solve tech problems. Learn how to manage computer systems.

Social Media Creator

Learn safe social media practices, explore the basics of digital storytelling and develop an online content strategy.


Build foundational business skills in leadership, management, sales and investing.

Data Analysis For All

Conduct a complete analysis and share insights using various data visualization tools. Create a data analysis case study.

Media Content Management

Develop practical skills to produce and manage content on websites and social media.

User Experience Design

Establish a foundation in design thinking and human-technology interaction. Earn industry credentials.

Content Production

Activate and produce your ideas. Explore design, audiovisual and digital tools.


Become proficient in esports technology and analyze trends in data, analytics, media and esports content.

Project Management For All

Learn to lead projects, work with people and deliver value within an organization.

User Experience Research

Understand the needs of product users. Build an ethnography toolkit from field visits, contextual interviews and direct observations.

This Degree Covers:

  • Mobile Photography
  • 3D Printing
  • Branding
  • Project Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Inclusive and Accessible Design
  • Prototyping
  • Debate and Feedback
  • Data Analysis
  • Graphic Design
  • Leadership
  • Blockchain
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality

Digital Innovation + Design Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Innovation?

Innovation is change-making. It starts with a new idea, no matter how small. Innovators take risks, try things out, fail and try again. Digital innovation is change-making for a new world, using emerging technologies to speed up the pace of change and extend its reach.

What Does It Mean To Build Your Own Degree?

In the online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation and Design, you don’t just select courses from a list and hope for the best. We have curated a collection of certificates focused on the modern digital workplace. Each certificate includes two to four courses designed to give you hands-on experience with real-world projects.

These certificates are the building blocks of your degree. You’ll start by laying a solid foundation with the Certificate in Innovation and Design and then assembling a degree custom-made for your plans and aspirations. Along the way, you’ll have academic and career support from program advisors and faculty.

Are Classes Live?

No, the online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation and Design is fully online and asynchronous, which means no weekly class meetings. Enrolling in a hybrid version of the program is an option, if you’d prefer to attend some classes online and in person.

Certificates and courses in the degree may include some teamwork as you grow your skills in collaboration and empathy, but you and your team will coordinate how work gets done, much like remote work teams in industry.

When Do Classes Start?

Classes start about every seven weeks. You can see the start date for the next seven-week session on the Boise State academic calendar.

Program student sitting at his desk

How Is This Different From a Graphic Design Degree?

No two graphic design degrees are exactly alike, but generally, graphic design trains students in the areas of visual communication and art, and graphic designers can be responsible for creating individual visual elements, like logos or icons, or managing the entire visual identity of a brand.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation and Design trains you in design approaches for an array of situations: managing projects, leading teams, generating content, making design decisions and delighting users and keeping them safe.

You can develop a deep focus in an area of interest, like user experience, and gain complementary practice with project management, data analysis or leadership. And all along the way, you’ll grow your aptitude for empathy, curiosity and collaboration.

Student Support

From application to graduation, students are supported throughout their education journey at Boise State.

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Earning a bachelor’s degree from Boise State University can help open doors to opportunities and a promising future.

Boise State’s online programs are specifically created for online learning, offer the same support as our traditional degree programs and are ranked in the top 8% of online bachelor’s degrees in the country by U.S. News and World Report.

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