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Why Boise State Online is the Perfect Fit for Idaho Students

Three students observe the Idaho wilderness.

Made for Idaho. Here for You.

As online education becomes a mainstay in our connected world, a growing number of options are available for you to learn from anywhere. But with more options comes more uncertainty, especially if you’re looking for personal, local support as you earn a degree or certificate.

That’s why Boise State Online seeks to simplify the process from application to graduation. Our courses are designed with Idaho students in mind. Our dedicated student success coaches and advisors give you the answers you need to kick start your educational journey.

National Recognition with a Local Appeal

U.S. News and World Report rankings from 2021 placed Boise State Online in the near top 10% of online bachelor’s degree programs in the country. Boise State Online students can enroll in classes with the assurance their courses are vetted, accredited and taught by expert faculty. The flexibility of online learning and strong student support allows you full access to a high-quality college education, no matter your location or circumstances.

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Our experienced faculty have tailored the Boise State Online educational experience with Idaho students at the forefront. The courses you’ll take at Boise State Online relate directly to your eventual career, with local experts here to answer your questions as you go. Our programs give students the same quality education received from on-campus programs in a format that meets your needs.


Category Boise State Online Private Online Universities
Per credit pricing ✔ Yes No
Dedicated student support ✔ Yes No
Courses designed with Idaho students in mind ✔ Yes No
Top 10% Ranking by U.S. News and World Report ✔ Yes No
Idaho faculty and staff ✔ Yes No
Low student-to-advisor ratio ✔ Yes No
Financial Aid for Idaho students ✔ Yes ✔ Yes

Dedicated Student Support

Sifting through online education options can be intimidating, which is where our student success coaches come in. As soon as you’re ready to explore your options at Boise State Online, our coaches are on call to answer any questions you might have. Our coaches are unparalleled in their dedication to students, support you won’t find while applying to private universities.

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Looking for even more information? Boise State Online provides live online information sessions, where our coaches can talk through any challenges you might have as your progress through the application process.

Once admitted to Boise State Online, our student advisors will take the reins, setting you up for success as you enroll in classes, plan your schedules and get on track to graduation.

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Learning Beyond the Classroom

From the booming cybersecurity job market to the innovative digital design field, our courses were created with an emphasis on propelling students beyond the classroom and into the workforce. With more and more career opportunities coming to the Gem State, Boise State Online’s courses are the perfect tools to prepare Idaho students for a booming market.

But don’t just take it from us, learn more from our students and alumni:

“I felt so much more confident in my ability to talk about cybersecurity, and now have something to show a future employer.”
-Brieann Jones

Read Brieann’s Story

“My degree will impact the rest of my life through my earning potential. I live in a tiny town in Idaho, and it is challenging to find meaningful work here, but because of the degree that I got, I found it.” – Meghan Howk

Read Meghan’s Story

“Now that I am working on my bachelor’s, I have more dreams. I know I will have more opportunities when I have that degree.”
-Rana Mohmand

Read Rana’s Story

Ready to learn more? Contact a student success coach today!
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