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Video Transcript — Transitioning from BBA to MBA

Ally Daniels, Director and Advisor for the online MBA program at Boise State, talks about transitioning from the BBA to the online MBA program.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Ally Daniels, director and advisor for the online MBA program at Boise State. First, congratulations as you reach the end of your BBA degree. What an accomplishment! As you approach graduation, you may be thinking what next? If continuing your education is a goal of yours, I’d love to introduce you to our online MBA program.

I’m sure you’ve loved the flexibility and online format of your BBA degree. Our online MBA program is no different. We have similar seven-week sessions and fully online asynchronous courses, meaning no live sessions. The program is designed for working professionals who wish to complete courses while maintaining their full-time professional jobs.

You can complete the online MBA in as little as one year, if you choose to attend full-time. Most students do complete in 24 months, though the timing may vary depending on your schedule. You’re able to stop, start and take sessions off as needed, which is great for working professionals.

We do require at least two years of professional management experience. These are roles where you have managed people, budgets, customer accounts, major strategic initiatives or other significant roles. If you’re wondering if the program is right for you, I encourage you to reach out to one of our advisors and student success coaches to talk further.

Call (208) 426-5921, text (208) 314-1324 or email

How will your MBA be different from your BBA?

Your MBA experience will differ from your BBA experience in a few key ways. First is the level of expertise and knowledge and experience in your fellow classmates. We require two years of experience but our students on average have at least eight years of management experience. The depth of conversations and the quality of your group work really can be significant.

In addition, your online MBA will allow you to dive deeper into a variety of subjects that maybe you just scratched the surface in your BBA. Another way that the online MBA will differ is the offering of emphasis areas. Our MBA program offers seven emphasis areas which allow you to dive deep into different topics and specializations like healthcare leadership, marketing, leadership, cybersecurity and others. Those emphasis areas allow you to meet other professionals in the same industry and learn from faculty who are experts in their fields. A master’s degree means more advanced learning and is ideal for those who are looking to take their career to the next level.

How will it be similar?

There may be some similarities between the BBA experience and the online MBA experience. For instance, you may have some of the same teachers or even use some of the same textbooks.

The graduate-level really elevates the learning and uses applicable and relevant case studies and examples so that you can learn at a deeper level. You’ll also be able to interact with different classmates who have a wealth of experience and different perspectives that you’ll find valuable.

What are the next steps?

So what are your next steps? First, we encourage you to contact a student success coach who can talk to you more about your qualifications and see if you may be a good candidate for the online MBA program.

Also, remember that we offer an alumni association discount. If you are a member of the Boise State Alumni Association, you will receive a 15% off discount from all totaled tuition.