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A little about me!

After taking over 20 years off from higher ed, my life experienced a major change. I needed to pivot in my career. I decided to pursue an interdisciplinary master’s degree focusing on leadership, communication and user experience research. I know the struggle of working forty hours a week, spending quality time with friends and family and pursuing other passions all while trying to succeed in the classroom. I am excited to come alongside you to help find a pathway that will fit in your current life and that will pave the path for your future.

  • Hobbies: There are two big passions that take up most of my time when I am not working. First, I am a trail runner and train for 100 mile trail races. Second, I am in an 80’s inspired synth-pop band Break in Time. Other than that I love coffee shops, vinyl records, paddle boarding, yoga, hiking and spontaneous adventures.
  • I’m dedicated to helping you because: I love to empower and equip people to reach for their dreams. There is no better job than that!
  • My top tip when considering an online degree: It is never too late to finish your degree. There is no shame in starting up no matter your age — even if you are doing it just for yourself.
  • Education: I have a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry from Corban University and am working on a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from Boise State.

I’m here to help!

From deciding if an online degree is right for you to figuring out what credits transfer from previous schools, talking to a student success coach is the best place to start.