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Move Forward With an Imaging Sciences Degree – Video

Boise State University’s online imaging sciences program gave Ryan Harper, a registered CT technologist, the flexibility he needed to move forward in his career.

Video Transcript

My name is Ryan Harper. I’m a registered CT Technologist and I chose the Boise State online imaging sciences program to further my career and to finish my bachelor’s degree.

Having a degree in imaging sciences from Boise State gives you options. Because I know when I graduate, my career is only going to continue to move forward rather than stay stagnant.

This is my first experience with online classes and by far it’s been my most enjoyable out of any college experience that I’ve had and I think partly it’s given me the ability to be flexible. I’ve wanted to receive my bachelor’s and finish for quite some time. Life kind of happened. Had a kid, was really busy, was moving around the country and then I finally came across Boise State’s online program which was very interesting to me because I could continue to work as a professional and do everything online.

I’ve had nothing but great experience with the faculty at Boise State like being receptive and communicating like when I needed them to communicate. If I had a question or I had some sort of issue, they were right there.

It’s a big decision and it’s a big thing to take on but I’m glad and I’m proud of myself. And it’s one of those things that nobody can ever take away from you. Nobody can take that away.