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Imaging Sciences Classes and Scheduling

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  • Classes are offered online only. There is no clinical requirement associated with the Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences.
  • Classes run for seven weeks at a time. You can complete your degree at a flexible full-time or part-time pace that works for your schedule.
  • Complete your degree in as few as 12 months with a full-time schedule.

Content on this page is provided as a quick reference for planning your academic schedule. All official course descriptions and degree requirements are published on the undergraduate catalog site.

Classes and Scheduling Options

Course Descriptions

IMGSCI 302 Civic Engagement, Ethics and Global Diversity

Focused on guiding students to become influential leaders in thought and skill through discussion of civil engagement, ethics, diversity, and internationalization.

IMGSCI 304 Professionalism and Research in Imaging Sciences

Familiarization with research and communication expectations related to the online AS to BS Program; improves comfort within the online environment through the use of technology, time management skills, and an understanding of program outcomes and expectations.

IMGSCI 305 Human Resource Management in Health Care

Overview and application of the major human resource management functions: selection and placement, compensation and benefits, training and development, employee and labor relations, health, safety, and security, and strategic management practices related to the health care industry. Legal, motivational, international, merger, and acquisition, and human resource information system issues are included.

IMGSCI 308 Advanced Digital Imaging

Employment of critical thinking to analyze patient dose and safety consideration within radiographic digital imaging. Primary emphasis on problem solving and reasoning to improve patient care through analysis of digital imaging methods and equipment.

IMGSCI 310 Public Health

Public health concepts and practice. Topics include philosophy, purpose, history, organization, functions, tools, activities and results at national, state, and community levels.

IMGSCI 312 Information Technology for Imaging Professionals

Managerial application of information technology in medical imaging to include basis networking, PACS, RIS, HIS, DICOM, standards and information security.

IMGSCI 314 Health Law and Ethics

Process of legal change and health care practitioners’ potential interactions with patients, law enforcement, and governmental agencies. Consent, liability, negligence, employment and licensure of professionals.

IMGSCI 315 Health Informatics in Imaging Sciences

Provides an introduction to health information systems, current legislation impacting health informatics, privacy and security of healthcare records, and healthcare technology as related to Imaging Sciences.

IMGSCI 382 Research Methods in Imaging Sciences

Design of experiments, analysis methods, and interpretation of results and conclusions as related to evidence based research in health.

IMGSCI 402 Comprehensive Analysis on Radiation Protection

Analysis of the biological effects of ionizing radiation. Promotion and advocacy for patients, focused on dose and exposure reduction.

IMGSCI 404 Study of Diseases in Imaging Sciences

Examination of the disease processes demonstrated with imaging sciences related to pathogenesis, patient populations, treatment options and prognosis.

IMGSCI 408 Sectional Anatomy in Imaging Sciences

Identification of anatomical structures on sectional images to include sagittal, coronal, and transverse body planes utilizing MRI and CT imaging.

IMGSCI 412 Preventative Care and Patient Advocacy in Imaging Sciences

Analysis of preventative care measures provided through medical imaging procedures. Patient care, responsibilities, ethics, and policies required of healthcare providers.


Boise State maintains authorization to offer online programs in Idaho and beyond. Detailed information about state authorization is available on the eCampus Center website.

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