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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Access

All access control is managed by the integrated security technology department. You can request door access through their online form.

Shipping and Receiving Mail or Packages

Can I have personal mail or packages shipped to and from campus?

Central Receiving does NOT handle the mailing/shipping of packages. Mail services can assist with university-affiliated mail. All packages can be mailed fromĀ Bronco Express in the Student Union. No personal mail/packages are to be shipped to campus. Shipping personal mail/packages to campus is a misuse of state funds.

Maintenance Requests

What is the policy for maintenance request completion?

In most cases, it is first in first out, with exceptions for emergencies and consideration for student impact.

What services do you charge and not charge for on campus?

Please see our chargeback page for more information.

Event Accommodations

How do I schedule an event and any accommodations needed for that event (e.g. tables, trash bins, irrigation coordination, space reservation, etc.)?

All event services are scheduled through University Event Services who will coordinate with any needed campus party, such as Facilities Operations and Maintenance, Public Safety, or catering to facilitate your event. Contact University Event Services for assistance at (208) 426-1677.

I am planning an event in an outdoor area of campus. What policies do I need to follow?

See the University Policy 1100: Use of University Space.

Can I reserve a classroom or lecture room for a function or meeting?

Yes. Contact the Registrar’s Office to check for room availability and OIT audio/visual support.

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