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Master Plan 2005-2008

The 2005-2008 Master plan had four stated goals with a number of objectives outlined to meet those goals. The goals and objectives of the plan are listed below and a scan of the original document is available as a PDF file by request. Please email the Capital Planing and Space Management office to request the archived file.

2005-2008 Master Plan Goals and Objectives

Goal 1

Public engagement: Effective engagement of external communities implies a more open campus and greater extension of University activities into the Boise community and beyond.


  1. Establishing a strong and positive physical image for Boise State University in the community;
  2. Strengthening the corridor between the campus and downtown to create an identification of the campus as a part of Downtown Boise and its business, cultural and recreational resources;
  3. Identifying facilities on or adjacent to the campus to make visible the practical applications of Boise State University research;
  4. Creating campus spaces that can be made available to external partners.

Goal 2

Academic excellence: Student focused, high quality programs imply state-of-the-art teaching spaces.


  1. Creating learning environments that will attract and retain exceptional students;
  2. Designing classrooms and other instructional spaces to accommodate a range of course delivery models and supplement experiential learning;
  3. Building wet and dry labs and computer labs to support an increase in interdisciplinary programs involving graduate and undergraduate students;
  4. Increasing the amount of academic space to support campus growth.

Goal 3

Vibrant culture: An inclusive, active and accessible campus implies a rich and diverse living and learning environment.


  1. Locating facilities and designing common spaces on campus that encourage personal interactions among faculty, staff and students;
  2. Designing flexible academic facilities to accommodate change, especially those intended to support research;
  3. Creating facilities on campus that are easy to navigate and that encourage people to linger and mingle with each other;
  4. Building housing for graduates, undergraduates, and resident and visiting faculty adjacent to the campus to encourage all-hours campus use and interaction.

Goal 4

Exceptional scholarship: Progressive research and creative activity, and graduate programs that have groundbreaking applications imply a solid and reliable infrastructure.


  1. Establishing a serious academic and research appearance;
  2. Ensuring quality facilities that attract and retain faculty of the highest caliber;
  3. Grouping facilities to promote interdisciplinary programs and research;
  4. Responding effectively and efficiently to create spaces that accommodate new research opportunities and trends.