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Admission Process

Admission requirements for all four OPWL programs are:

  1. Documented evidence of an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all undergraduate credits. All course work must be verified by official transcripts. If a person fails to meet the GPA requirement, that person may submit a petition to the OPWL Program Committee.
  3. Appropriateness of background experience and of the fit between the prospective student’s career goals and what the OPWL program offers. (See for statement of purpose criteria)

No standardized test score is required. (eg. GRE, MAT, etc)

Returning OPWL graduates: view the returning student page

1. Submit a Completed Online Graduate Admission Application and Fee

Domestic Applications – APPLY NOW

International Admissions – APPLICATION PROCESS

Pay the application fee.
($65 for the MS / $65 for a certificate)


You will be assigned a:

  • Student ID
  • Boise State email account
  • Registration appointment for the semester you intend to start

2. Request Official Transcripts be Sent to Boise State

Request your transcripts be sent electronically, by mail, or by fax to Boise State University’s Graduate College.

The fastest and cheapest method is the electronic transcript option.

View the Boise State Graduate College Official Transcripts page for detailed instructions.


Your GPA will be calculated and sent to the department.

3. Submit a Resume and Statement of Purpose

Submit the resume and statement of purpose using the online graduate admission application form.

The resume should reflect your professional work experience.

The statement of purpose should contain the following:

    • A heading that includes your name, email address, telephone and the program(s) to which you are applying
    • 500 – 1000 words
    • Single-spaced
    • Address your career goals and how the course work for the program or programs to which you are applying will help you attain those goals
    • Explain the strategies you will use to be successful in online graduate study
    • Meet the evaluation criteria below
    • Evaluation Criteria for Statement of Purpose
    • Appropriate length – 500 – 1000 words
    • Devoid of errors – spelling, punctuation, word choice or grammar
    • Proper syntax – uses proper sentence and paragraph structure
    • On target – describes career goals and the connection to the OPWL coursework and describes strategies for success in graduate study
    • Sufficient detail – includes major points and enough detail to explain those major points
    • Clarity – can be easily understood by the reader without re-reading
    • Coherence – A logical progression of ideas and information with internal consistency (no contradictions between one part of the essay and another)


Your application will be reviewed and a decision made on your admission.