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Instructional Design/E-Learning PAID Internship

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Wecksell Learning Studio is an Instructional Design and Workplace Learning consulting practice, based in Westchester NY, founded by Catherine Wecksell in 2015. Catherine has over 25 years of industry experience, and holds an ATD Certified Performance & Learning Professional (CPLP), earned the Boise State OPWL WIDe certificate in 2018 and is graduating from the MS in OPWL in December 2021. WLS is currently serving clients in the areas of job-readiness and HR. WLS is positioned for growth in 2022, and is looking to develop and cultivate ID talent.

Instructional Design / E-learning PAID Internship

Apply now. Submit work ASAP. Work reviewed within 10 days. Hiring immediately thereafter. $15-20/hr.

Ideal candidate: has strong Microsoft Office skills, especially PowerPoint, as well as strong skills using Articulate 360, can ready a high-level design document to develop an elearning module. Experience designing, developing and teaching ESL is a PLUS.

  • Paid $15 – $20 / hour, approx. 5 – 10 hours a week. 1 weekly “check-in” required.
  • 100% Remote opportunity, schedule is flexible, and there is a lot of independent work
  • The ideal candidate has strong Microsoft Office skills, especially PowerPoint, as well as strong skills using Articulate 360 and can read a high-level design document to develop an e-learning module.
  • Below is an exercise in which you will create a “Rapid Design Challenge” e-learning module.

A baseline of what you should know:

  • Basic Office functionality (functional on PowerPoint and Word and able to apply a filter in Excel)
  • Great to have made an e-Learning project
  • Some Google Docs, especially using forms
  • A good sense of quality
  • Adept at taking feedback to make your final product better
  • Knowledge of ESL best practices

Rapid Design Challenge

WLS is requesting that applicants complete the attached Design Challenge (the PowerPoint).

You have the following options:

Option A: See how far you get doing this for 1 hour
Option B: Do the whole challenge and report how long it took

Download the Rapid Design Challenge .pptx file

Apply Now

  • Use these definitions to answer questions below:

    BEGINNER - opens documents and does basic formatting, cut & paste, spell check.

    INTERMEDIATE - inserts and shades tables, resizes and crops objects between apps. Maybe merge & split cells and whatnot.

    ADVANCED - more specific features in apps, like working between slidemaster and outline views and export options in PP, use of sections by section formatting in Word for large reports with different layouts in the same doc, Table of contents, citations, Fields.
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  • Rapid Design Challenge

  • Upload Resume and Design Challenge files

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    Max. file size: 10 MB.