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ISPI Bay Area Boise State Chapter




The Boise State OPWL department has joined forces with what was the ISPI Bay Area chapter in Northern California to form a new, organizational chapter that operates virtually. It is called the ISPI Bay Area Boise State (BABS) chapter.


Opportunities for Professional Networking and Learning

One of the most important steps toward advancing careers in the exciting field of human performance improvement is to join a professional association. Here are some great reasons for joining the ISPI Bay/Boise Chapter.

  1. Networking:
    ISPI organizes both International and National annual conferences. These are opportunities for you to mix and mingle with others in your field in both professional and relaxing settings.
    At the local level, the ISPI Bay/Boise Chapter offers you more frequent occasions to share and learn from performance improvement professionals in a smaller community. We offer webinars most months, and occasional face-to-face events.
  2. Jobs:
    Networking builds relationships with people who hire, even though they may not be hiring at the moment, and with people who may be able to point you to job listings that other avenues may not. In addition, active participation in a professional organization like this chapter can be an impressive entry on your résumé.
  3. Mentoring:
    Mentoring is the cornerstone of many professional organizations in their work with emerging professionals. Several of the seasoned professionals in our chapter are well known in the human performance technology profession. You can learn a great deal from them and others who will be willing, valuable mentors.
  4. Personal & Professional Development:
    If your career aspirations include the desire to present your work, publish, and keep up-to-date on proven practices or industry trends and how to manage them, the ISPI Bay/Boise Chapter can help you find opportunities.

Join the ISPI Bay/Boise Chapter

Volunteer Opportunities

This is a young chapter, and has lots of opportunities for members who want to be involved and help shape it. You can be involved in planning and coordinating webinars and other events, organizing resources to meet member needs, membership recruitment and outreach, marketing, and more. What is it that you want from a professional organization? Bring your voice to the mix, and help us build something that meets the needs of our community.

If you are ready to help take on a leadership position, we have volunteer opportunities open to you now!



ISPI recognizes one Chapter per year for the Distinguished Chapter Award. Recognized as the highest award level a Chapter can achieve, this award recognizes the one Chapter each year that is committed to their partnership with ISPI through their support of ISPI’s long-range plans and objectives.

The Chapter of Excellence recognizes those chapters that demonstrate innovative efforts and/or achieve outstanding results in the categories of Programming, Communications, or Chapter to Society Relations.

The Chapter of Merit is determined by examination of each Chapter’s annual report per required by the Chapter Affiliation Agreement.

ISPI Award


Chapter of Merit Award
Chapter of Excellence Award for Communications
Chapter of Excellence Award for Society Relations
Chapter of Excellence Award for Programming

This is a great chapter and we are proving that a Virtual Chapter can be a thriving chapter that adds value to the overall ISPI Organization and to Boise State University!

ISPI Babs Award 2017


Congratulations to the Bay Area / Boise State Chapter on winning the 2017 Chapter Merit Award at the ISPI conference!

L to R: OPWL student Miki Turtsanyi, ISPI President Klaus Wittkuhn, and ISPI Bay Area Boise State Chapter President Sue Czeropski