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Completing the OPWL 537 ID Project

OPWL Webinar

QCICS Webinar Slides (pdf)

Time Stamped Transcript (pdf)

Presented by Megan Kennedy, Danielle Schisler, and Joe DeSapio

How do students in the OPWL 537 Instructional Design course actually complete their ID projects?

Join Team QCICS as they describe their journey to complete their project. They will focus on three parts of the overall effort:

  • Task analysis.
  • Job-focused objectives.
  • Performance assessment instrument.

Danielle, Megan, and Joe will also:

  • Introduce themselves, the QCICS project, and their roles in the project.
  • Describe how they approached creating and revising these deliverables.
  • Share what they did to create these project deliverables, what worked well, and what they’d do differently.