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How to network into freelance ID/LX/HPT jobs and maybe more permanent positions too

Are you curious about what you could be doing to build your ID/LX/HPT professional network? Join us to learn why networking is important in our field, how to do, and what it can do to help meet your career development goals, and land your next gig or permanent position. Dr. Lisa A. Giacumo has gathered a diverse group of ID/LX/HPT panelists with experience working in corporate and university contexts, from her own online social media networking activities. These professionals are in their early, mid, and late-career journeys. They will share their networking behaviors, strategies, outcomes, and lessons learned. Let’s get connected!

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify at least 1 inspirational person who used networking to land freelance and/or permanent ID/LX/HPT positions and with whom they can relate to.
  • Identify at least 4 networking strategies (e.g., approaches, how-to, tools) that they can use to grow their professional networks.

Table of contents Introduction (00:00:05)

Nicole Papaioannou (00:03:12)

Tommy Sealock (00:12:03)

Megan Murtaugh (00:20:20)

David Koster (00:31:50)

Jennifer Chien (00:39:56)

Vanessa Alzate (00:44:13)

Kara Wright (00:52:05)

Q&A (1:02:05)

Are PMP certifications required? (1:03:40)

What designs do you include in your portfolios? (1:07:52)

What do you think the short and longterm implications of COVID-19 are for our field? (1:11:04)

How can I connect with the presenters? (1:19:19)