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OPWL Success Stories

We love to read the success stories our students have shared with us and their professional community. Below are just some of the stories from our OPWL students and graduates!



Teachers transitioning into professional practice in Instructional Design

If you are considering leaving the classroom and transitioning to the private sector in an organization’s learning and development capacity, then we have experience helping those professionals make that career switch.

Below are links to ATD blog series articles that were written by graduates of the MS and Graduate Certificate in Workplace Instructional Design.  Each of the below individuals were teachers when they started their OPWL studies and have since transitioned into professional practice in the field. See what others from a similar background were able to accomplish!


Lauren Weisberg

Lauren Weisberg

Transitioning from K-12 Teaching to Instructional Design and Training


Leah Yeatts

Leah Yeatts

Transitioning from Teaching to Talent Development: Lessons Learned


Matt Sustaita

Matt Sustaita

From Classroom to Corporate Office

Transitioning Teachers

Testimonials from teachers that have used OPWL credentials to accomplish their goals

Job transitions and promotions!

  • Samantha Cribari-Starr

    Samantha Cribari-Starr

    Professional Development

    American Society
  • Jill Pearson

    Project Management Consultant

    Judge Learning Solutions
  • LaCresha Harrison

    LaCresha Harrison

    Instructional Designer

  • Stephanie Webber

    Stephanie Webber

    Instructional Project Specialist

    Grand Valley State University
  • Debi Bearden

    Debi Bearden

    Instructional Designer

    Seattle Pacific University
  • William Grove Fanning

    William Grove Fanning

    Director of Learning and Organizational Development