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Dr. Alexander Jackson, Ph.D.

Jackson portrait

Associate Professor


Office: Education Building Room 636A

Phone: (208) 426-3311

Areas of Interest:

Epistemology, Metaphysics

Courses Taught:

Intro to Contemporary Issues (PHIL 101), Metaphysics (PHIL 333), Epistemology (PHIL 335)


I joined Boise State in 2010, fresh from getting my Ph.D. at Rutgers. Before that, I got my B.A. in mathematics and philosophy from Balliol College, Oxford University. The end of spring semester 2016 I was promoted to Associate Professor.

In metaphysics, I work on relativism, vagueness, realism, and time. In epistemology, I work on knowledge, rationality, and epistemic circularity. My papers are available here:

(Dr. Jackson is on sabbatical FA18 through SP 19)