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Why Study Philosophy at Boise State University?

  • Students have easy access to faculty.
  • Freshman and Sophomores have access to departmental advising. When Junior status is achieved (59 credits) a regular faculty advisor is assigned (or you can choose!)
  • Whatever field there is, there is a corresponding field of philosophy (philosophy of math, philosophy of language, philosophy of medicine, science, business, etc.)
  • Department is close-knit and offers many activities and opportunities for students and faculty to interact and philosophize – it is about the large and significant questions of life.
  • Philosophy students can do anything and everything — analyze and solve problems, speak and write clearly, conduct thorough research, ask the right questions, think imaginatively and clearly, and so much more. Philosophy students have a wide range of options in the Humanities and Sciences for career paths including law, education, medicine, government, publishing, writing, research, consulting, social and community services, business, computer programming, etc. Philosophy is a launch pad!