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Meghant Sudan, PhD


Office: Chrisway Annex (2103 University), Room 130

Areas of Interest:

  • Systems of Kant and Hegel;
  • Early Modern Philosophy, 19th Century Philosophy;
  • Phenomenology and Critical Theory;
  • History of Philosophy with Ancient Indian, Global, and Socio-Political emphasis;
  • Enviro Phil, Phil of Law, Ethics, Continental & Feminist Theory.

Courses Taught:

BSU: PHIL 101, PHIL 102, PHIL 309, PHIL 315, PHIL 316, PHIL 497, UF 200


  • Meghant studied Chemistry and Philosophy in India before coming to the US for his doctoral studies on “Matter and Motion in Kant’s Philosophy of Science” at SUNY, Stony Brook.
  • Besides teaching at BSU, he has been a visiting Assistant Professor at Concordia University, Montreal, and a Faculty Fellow at Colby College, Maine.
  • He is currently working on the varieties of skepticism in German Idealism, on the differences between Cartesian and Kantian concepts of consciousness, on the historical and contemporary problems of intersubjectivity in Hegel’s aesthetics, and the figure of Socrates as caught between Greco-Hellenistic and Perso-Arabic conceptions, which has implications for contemporary conceptions of Socrates in global philosophical context.