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Emma Easteppe, M.A.

Adjunct Professor








Office: Education Building Room 636E

Phone: (208) 426-2712

Areas of Interest:

Ancient, Classical Modern, Metaphysics, Theories of Mind, and Applied Ethics

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 101), Knowledge and Reality (PHIL 101), Classics of Western Philosophy (PHIL 102), Introduction to Logic (PHIL 201)


Originally a native of Idaho, Emma L. Easteppe joined the philosophy department at Boise State University in 1998. Previously she worked as a free-lance writer and researcher in the area of international development and health education in Washington D.C. After completing her M.A. degree in Philosophy and an Honors B.A. in Philosophy & History from St. Louis University, she taught introductory philosophy courses and human nature and values at St. Louis University. She later worked at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Passions include teaching, talking to students about philosophy and reading great thinkers. Favorite past-times include nature excursions and dabbling in gourmet cooking.