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George Knight, M.A.


Adjunct Professor


Office: Chrisway Annex (2103 University), Rm 120

Areas of Interest:

Symbolic Logic, Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Science

Courses Taught:

Classics of Western Philosophy (PHIL 102), Introduction to Logic (PHIL 201)


Professor Knight was educated at the University of Montana, at Texas Tech University, and at Washington University in St. Louis. While earning degrees in another field, Knight studied philosophy and realized that of all the disciplines, philosophy offers the greatest field of play for human curiosity. He joined Boise State’s Department of Philosophy in fall of 1998, specifically to teach logic. Knight believes that through its students, a university touches its community’s future. No institution is positioned better than a university to ask, “What kind of community do we want to have? What kind ought we to have?” Knight has replied by creating the Community Bicycle Congress project, now in its fifth year of existence at Boise State University. The project has featured four annual conferences and a variety of other initiatives.