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Justin Davis, PhD


Justin A. Davis’s academic life focuses on intellectual history which includes philosophy and theology, particularly paying attention to the interaction of these systems of thought with periods of great cultural change.  The primary focus of this work is on the tumult of the early modern period and the interchange of ideas with the dynamism of the day. His degrees in Systematic Theology and Philosophy from GTU and History and Religious Studies from UMKC complement his passion for teaching undergraduates and explaining ideas which shape the world.  In addition to a number of conference presentations he is the author of Pietism and the Foundations of the Western World, and Schleiermacher and Palmer: the Father and Mother of the Modern Protestant Mindset.  Justin lives in Meridian with his wife and four children.

The intersection of theology with periods of great cultural change, from the conversion of the Rus in the tenth century to the tumult of the early modern period.

Areas of Interest:

Philosophy of Religion, Intellectual History, Ethics, Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy, Kierkegaard and Existentialism

Courses Taught (at BSU):

UF100 God and the Good Life

Phil 331 Philosophy of Religion

(next semester)

UF 200 Ethics and Diversity: Reformations

Phil 307 Medieval Philosophy

Courses Taught (Elsewhere):

Introduction to Philosophy


World Religions

Introduction to Religious Studies

Christianity Middle ages to Present

(and a few more)