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Student FAQ

Painting of Hypatia

Q: Why would anyone want to get a degree in Philosophy at Boise State?
A: Glad you asked!

Q: What are the requirements for the B.A. in Philosophy?
A: Philosophy is a 37 credit major.  We’ve prepared a useful checklist for majors to help them stay on track.  (There is also a counterpart checklist for minors.)  Be sure to consult with your academic advisor on a regular basis.

Q: How do I declare Philosophy as my major?
A: Go to and click on the ‘Student Sign In’ link. Under the sub-heading ‘Academics’ click ‘My Academics.’ Under the section ‘Major/Minor’ there is a link labeled ‘View/Change My Major/Minor Plans.’ Once you’ve clicked on that, it’s self-explanatory.

Q: What courses are offered, and when?
A: Detailed course descriptions and typical offering schedules can also be found in the Catalog.

Q: What courses are being offered this semester?
A: The Registrar’s web page is where you can search for classes.

Q: Does the Philosophy Department offer any internship opportunities?
A: Yes!  We have a page of information about internships. For more information about the process of becoming an intern, contact Dr. Stephen Crowley.

Q: Does the Philosophy Department work with any student organizations?
A: Yes!  Members of the Philosophy faculty are actively involved with the Boise State Philosophy Club.

Q: Are there any departmental scholarships in Philosophy?
A: The Philosophy Department updates their available scholarships on their Scholarships Page.  We are continually working to generate scholarships specifically for Philosophy majors.  Please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office web page.

Q: Are there tutors available for Philosophy?
A: Advising and Academic Advancement has a list of private tutors who have been approved by the Philosophy Department. Please visit the Tutoring/Academic Enhancement web page.