President’s Writing Awards

Currently in its 37th year, the President’s Writing Awards contest honors undergraduate writing at Boise State.


2019 Winners

Winners of the 37th annual President’s Writing Awards.

Honorarium, Art Design

  • Malena Darden

Creative Nonfiction

  • 1st Place: “The Other Woman” by Pania Tkachenko
  • 2nd Place: “Ammophila” by Rebekah Gunderson
  • 3rd Place, honorable mention: “Landfill” by Kathleen Williams

Critical Analysis

  • 1st Place: “Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Nella Larsen’s Passing: An Exploration of Performed Identity” by Aly Sebright
  • 2nd Place: “Writing Centers: Silencing the Student Through Language” by Kate Carter-Cram
  • 3rd Place, honorable mention: “Poverty Delivered: How Rent-To-Own Businesses Make the Poor Poorer” by Jeffrey Cates


  • 1st Place: “For You” by Andi Rados
  • 2nd Place: “Rebel” by John Barrie
  • 3rd Place, honorable mention: “Tinker” by Allie Chambers

First-Year Writing

  • 1st Place: “Everybody Loves Integration” by Jailynn Flaack-Sanchez
  • 2nd Place: “The Connection between Appropriation and Affinity Spaces” by Sarah Doyon
  • 3rd Place, honorable mention: “Gun Violence Personified: The History of Claire Wilson by Ellie Wells

Foundations of Ethics and Diversity

  • 1st Place: “Living Inside My Mother’s Dreams” by Nitya Bhargavi Nukala
  • 2nd Place: “Gain Knowledge of Refugees, Be Proactive” by Emma Cummins
  • 3rd Place, honorable mention: “Truth as Supreme Ethic” by Jason Hathhorn


  • 1st Place: “Cry Baby” by Priscilla Reyna
  • 2nd Place: “Pulped” by Lyd Havens
  • 3rd Place, honorable mention: “At the Library, a Woman Studies” by Lianne Collins


  • 1st Place: “The Change of Heat” by Ali Mustafa
  • 2nd Place: “Autobiography of a Language Ideology” by Jesús Rivera Orozco
  • 3rd Place, honorable mention: “W.E.B Du Bois Theoretical Profile” by Bibiana Ortiz


  • 1st Place:”The Saints Were Sinners: The Mormon Question and the Survival of Idaho” by Colin Branham
  • 2nd Place: “Volumetric Wear Analysis of Meniscus Degeneration” by Kate Benfield
  • 3rd Place, honorable mention: “Haole Morsel to Hawaiian Mainstay: How Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts Became Iconic through 19th Century Plantation Economy” by Heather Kimbrell

Thank you to the thirty-seven judges who volunteered their time to read and rank the entries:

Elizabeth Barnes, Ann Campbell, Lori Chastaine, Elizabeth Cook, Martin Corless-Smith, Stephanie Cox, Julia Drew, Addie Glick, Hannah Goldie, Tim Guill, Greg Heinzman, Jill Heney, Tiffany Hitesman, Mark Horton, Kenya Jenkins Fletcher, Dane Johns, Lana Kuchta, Dylan Lambert, Meg Levad, Aaron LoPatin, Palina Louangketh, Garawyn McGill, Christopher Michas, Amanda Micheletty, Heidi Naylor, Amanda Reynolds, Jan Roser, Ruth Salter, Carrie Seymour, Heather Sinnes, Marian Thomas, Gina-Monica Tomulesu, Tessy Ward, Kerri Webster, Jeff Westover, Mark Wood, and Revital Zilonka. Thank you!

Graphic Designers — Each year the President’s Writing Awards works with a graphic design student to create posters, fliers, and banners to market the award.


Previous Winners

Our page of previous winners is being updated but will be available soon!