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New Parking Permit Rate Details and Information

Boise State Parking Portal

Overnight Parking

Reserve, Commuter, and Garage parking permits are for Day parking only. If you need Overnight parking access please select one of the available Resident, or Off Campus Resident parking permits.

Learn about New Rate Details and Other Information


University community members,

Please take note of the upcoming increase in the cost of parking on campus.  Rates for new parking permits, daily parking, and event parking will increase effective June 1, 2023.  Our parking permit refund schedule will also be updated.  We understand that this is unwelcome news as costs are increasing across a wide spectrum of services.  The decision to increase our rates was not made lightly, but was necessary to continue to meet the service needs of our community.

Rate Change Timeline:

  • June 1: Rates will increase for Student and Employee Reserve, Commuter, Garage, and Resident Parking Passes renewals.  Customers eligible to renew their permit will receive an email reminder when permit renewals open.
  • July 1: Rates will increase on the following permits: all new Student and Employee Reserve, Commuter, Garage, and Resident Parking Passes; Department, Vendor, Contractor, and Visitor parking passes; and Event parking rates and Daily Parking Rates. General permit sales will open on July 1.
  • August 10: The Academic hold threshold will be reduced to $100.

While the new rates will be in effect beginning on June 1 in time for parking renewals, parking permits from the 22/23 academic year will remain valid and at their current rates through the expiration date on August 9, 2023.  We encourage you to renew your parking permit as soon as possible to ensure availability.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak about your specific needs, please contact our office by phone at (208) 426-7275 or by email at  Our team looks forward to the opportunity to support the university community through this transition.  Thank you for your partnership and support.


Department of Public Safety, Transportation leadership

What Is The “Why”

Our pricing structure last increased in 2018 and the cost of doing business has increased significantly since that time.  It remains our top priority to provide services and resources that support and enhance the student experience at Boise State.  Simply put, without increasing our rates, we would have to cut services, which would negatively impact the campus community.

Boise State University Public Safety Transportation and Parking Services, Special Events, and Maintenance are self-supported auxiliaries.  This means any revenue collected supports the services and infrastructure for parking at Boise State University.  We do not receive appropriated funds to support services and resources provided.

In addition to our services, we own, maintain, and replace equipment and facilities including 48 surface lots, 2,658 parking garage stalls, and 5,165 parking stalls across campus.  The revenue generated from our fees is directly related to the services provided.  This is a wide range of services that can include anything from fire extinguishers in our parking garages to snow removal in our parking lots.

Parking Revenue Supports Student and University Services

Expenses related to parking operations include maintenance of parking facilities, equipment, vehicles, employee salaries and benefits, supplies, and repairs that support student, staff, and faculty success on campus.

Services provided and supported by parking rates include:

  • Boise State Shuttle:  This includes a partnership with Valley Regional Transit for valley-wide bus services.
  • Boise State Holiday Shuttle:  Convenient rides to the airport during the holiday season. This includes free vehicle parking for the duration of the break.
  • Bicycle Infrastructure:  Bike racks, preventative maintenance on bike lanes, and bike tune-up stations across the community.
  • Security and Safety:  Fees support Rave Guardian, Blue Light Phones, refuge phones, security cameras, and safety personnel.
  • Campus Infrastructure:  Fees fund roadway and parking lot improvements

Program Improvements

  • Our intent was to create an equitable pricing structure that would minimize the need for certain permits to subsidize others.  Both the Lincoln and Brady garages are used with the same frequency.  These are both covered premier parking areas.  Ensuring the cost is the same in both facilities is important to our team.
  • Residential permits were also reviewed.  Resident parking permits have historically been the least expensive permit, even though these permits are used the most. This increase will help ensure that costs are spread equitably among permit holders. We are providing an additional Resident permit at a lower price in the Grant Street lots.  Our hope is that this lower cost option provides flexibility for residents.
  • Yanke permits were also adjusted for the same reason.  Yanke permits were less than permits for similar lots even though it costs the same amount to maintain and support.
  • Returning this year is summer intersession cross-parking from July 1 to August 9, 2023.  This does not apply to garages, but surface Reserve and Commuter lots will be available for ease of use during this period.  More information about cross parking regulations is available on our website.  Cross-parking is always in effect from 4pm to 12:30am and all day until 12:30am on the weekends.

We have also worked to make citations easier to pay. Our printed citations will now feature “Citation Easy Pay” allowing customers  to pay for a citation as soon as it is received by scanning a QR code printed on the citation.  This is a similar model used by local municipalities.  Providing this efficient option will prevent late fees from being accrued.

Additional Information and Policy Reminders

  • Citations fees are not increasing.  More information about parking citations is available on this website.  Please be mindful that the graduated citation program will be in full effect.  Each citation received will increase in cost.  Vehicles showing unpaid citations older than 90 days or those with six or more unpaid citations, are eligible for impound.
  • Student Account Holds will come into effect on August 5th for unpaid citation balances in the amount of $100.00 or more.  An account hold prevents students from registering for classes or receiving their diploma until the unpaid balance is paid in full.  Citation Easy Pay will provide a simple and convenient option to prevent account holds.  We also offer a ticket diversion program that provides the opportunity to reduce up to six citations, by working for the Department of Public Safety Events, or Maintenance units. This program is available only for Students one time per academic period (up to three times per year).

Refund Schedule

Student Parking Permits Purchase Rates

Student Parking Permits can be Purchased at the following Schedule:

  • Permits can be purchased at 100% value from June 1st through December 15th
  • Permits can be purchased at 50% value from December 16th through March 5th.
  • Permits can be purchased at 25% value from March 6th through August 6th.

Student Parking Permit Refund Rates

Student Parking Permits will be Refunded at the Following Schedule:

  • Permits can be returned within 10 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price.
  • Permits can be refunded at 100% value until the drop date for Fall Semester (September 22nd)
  • Permits can be refunded at 50% value from September 23rd through December 15th.
  • Permits can be refunded at 25% value from December 16th through January 22nd.
  • No further refunds will be offered after January 22nd.

Full Fee Schedule


Zone Current Student Rate New 23/24 Student Rate Current Employee Rate New 23/24 Employee Rate
ADA Accessible $124 $160 $176 $234
East/South Commuter $124 $160 $176 $234
West Commuter $148 $160 $204 $234
Central Reserve N/A N/A $472 $520
East/South Reserve $368 $412 $424 $494
West Reserve $380 $412 $424 $494
Brady Street Garage $388 $420 $444 $520
Lincoln Avenue Garage $344 $420 $408 $520
Resident On-Campus (Premium Parking – Resident Central, Resident West, Resident South) $288 $600 N/A N/A
Resident On-Campus (Grant Lots, Resident East) $288 $400 N/A N/A
Yanke $124 $160 $176 $234
University Plaza N/A N/A $424 $520
Carpool $320 $312 $320 $312
Motorcycle $60 $68 $124 $78
PM Student $84 $104 N/A N/A
PT/PM Staff N/A N/A $52 $104
Off-Campus Resident $380 $600 N/A N/A
Satellite (New charge) $0 $68 $0 $78
Football Complex $368 $412 $424 $494
President Association* N/A N/A $243 $763

* President Association permits are only available with approval from the President’s Office and are a personal expense to those authorized.  The permit is only valid when purchased with a reserve permit.

Brady Garage Hourly Rates

Time FY23 FY24
0-2 Hours $3.00 No Change
2-4 Hours $3.25 No Change
4-6 hours $3.50 No Change
Over 7 Hours $3.75 No Change
Daily Rate $25 No Change

Lincoln Garage Hourly Rates

Time FY23 FY24
0-2 Hours $2.50 $3.00
2-4 Hours $2.50 $3.25
4-6 hours $2.50 $3.50
Over 7 Hours $2.50 $3.75
Daily Rate $20.00 $25.00

Premium Hourly Lot Rates

*Peak hours are from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Location FY23 FY24
Plaza West Rates: Peak Hours $4.00 $4.25
Plaza West Rates: Non-Peak Hours $1.75 $2.00
Plaza East $4.00 $4.25
Campus School Rate:  Peak Hours $4.00 $4.25
Campus School Rate: Non-Peak Hours $1.75 $2.00

Non-Premium Hourly Lot Rates

Location FY23 FY24
All lots other than premium lots identified in Premium Hourly Lot Rates table $2.50 $2.75

Contractor Permits

Duration FY23 FY24
Monthly $11 $15
Annual $126 $150

Vendor Permits

Duration FY23 FY24
Monthly $16 $20
Annual $190 $200
Additional Annual* $44 $100

*Two additional permits may be purchased at the reduced rate per order.

Other Permits

Type FY23 FY24
Departmental 3 Hour (D3) $224 $244
Department  Day Pass: Commuter Only* $10/day $11/day
Department Day Pass: Reserve & Commuter Only* $15/day $17/day
Department Day Pass: Reserve, Commuter, and Garages* $20/day $22/day
Scratch Off Day Pass: Reserve and Commuter Only $15/day $17/day
Long Term Visitor: Commuter Only $66 $72
Long Term Visitor: Commuter & Reserve Only $131 $144
Long Term Visitor: Commuter, Reserve, Plaza & Garages $165 $180

The Departmental 3 Hour pass may be purchased by departments for employee use. This permit must be accompanied by the employee’s personal permit to be valid. A Department Day Pass provides an internal department the ability to purchase parking for a single day.  This can be used for department visitors, guests, or other department sponsored parking.  Scratch Off Day Passes are available to students, staff, faculty, and guests.  They allow single day parking in a location of the purchaser’s choice in either Reserve or Commuter areas only. If five Scratch Off Day Passes are purchased in a single transaction by the same customer, they will receive the sixth pass for free.

Designated Reserve Permits

Type FY23 Department Cost FY24 Department Cost FY23 Employee Cost FY24 Employee Cost
Department $900 $1,014 $0 $0
Employee $476 $520 $424 $494

Payroll Deduction Schedule

Type FY23 Department Cost FY24 Department Cost FY23 Employee Cost FY24 Employee Cost
Department $900 $1,014 $0 $0
Employee $476 $520 $424 $494

Special Event Rates


Type Hourly Rate
Admin $30
Supervisor $22
Staff (Parking Attendant & Traffic) $20
Non-operational hours* $75/person

*Non-operational hours are between 12 a.m. and 5:59 a.m.


Size Rate
Small $30
Medium $60
Large (Does not include Tamis) $225
Extra Large $650


Type FY24 Rate
Per Stall – Organization Paid $2.75
Per Stall – Prepaid Event Spaces $5.00
Per Stall – Attendee Pay $5.00
Per Bus $15
Per Day – Metered Spaces $25


Charge Type FY24 Rate
Tamis (hourly) 1-25 pieces* $35
Tamis (hourly) 26-50 pieces* $35
Tamis (hourly) 51-75 pieces* $35
Tamis (hourly) 76-100 pieces* $35
Tamis (hourly) (forklift rental)** $0
Large Sign Boards $150
Traffic Sign Boards $35
A-Frame Sign $50
Parking Sign $25


Event Type Rate
Concerts/Football $20
Men’s Basketball $10


Type Hourly Rate
Chartered or Event Rental $75