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Vendor Permit Request Form

Request Form

Not Valid for Boise State employees or students.
First Annual Permit $200, subsequent Annual permits $100 each up to 2 additional permits, all valid through expiration date of first permit.
Monthly Permit – $20 per month.
Vendor Permits are only allowed to park in the following areas/zones:

  • Reserve Lots
  • Commuter Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Admin Visitor Lots
  • Housing Lots
  • Service Vehicle Stalls
  • Metered Stalls

If your company will require additional access not listed above, please request these accommodations in the Additional Information or Special Notes box below.

Please submit requests a minimum of two weeks prior to your need. Thank you!

  • One Permit per vehicle
  • Please click the (+) to add additional vehicle license plates
  • Please note, permits being purchased in-office will start being processed once payment is made.
  • By entering my initials below I signify that all above information is correct and that I understand the fees listed.