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Scavenger Hunt

Introduction and Instructions

This scavenger hunt will give you an idea of campus life. You will have an opportunity to locate several of the main buildings on campus as well as get familiar with some of the university’s security and support resources.

Stopping Points on the Hunt

Several of the stopping points on your journey will be the campus security blue lights. These are large poles with a sizable shelf, or indent, carved into the post at about chest level. There are two buttons in this indent, a large button and a smaller one directly above it. Pushing the large button will trigger a light at the top of the pole to start flashing and connect you with Boise Police. This button is for emergencies. The smaller button above the larger one will connect with campus security. Use this button if you need help. These emergency phones are a great option to help security connect to you and locate you.

Solving Riddles to Find Clues

You will be required to solve a riddle for each stage of your journey today. The answer will correlate with an option on the navigation menu. Selecting the correct answer will give you the  wayfinding instructions to get you to your next location. Be prepared, in some instances, you will need to chat with some Boise State employees to get on the right path. Also, keep in mind that the navigation menu options are not just in order of travel. So, be sure to solve the riddles and choose wisely.   

We are excited to have you here. Good luck!


Let’s break into teams and get started!